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Nanjing district town two people’s Congress general election forum held – People’s network Jiangsu window – People’s original title: the city district town two people’s Congress general election work forum held at present, the city and town level two NPC election has been carried out in an orderly manner. Yesterday morning, the city level town two NPC election forum held, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, municipal election office director Lin Keqin attended the meeting. It is understood that in September, two people together, for all personnel involved in the operation of electoral backbone and voter registration information system election work respectively for business training, the total number will reach more than 7000 passengers. Since September 26th, the voter registration information system has been officially opened, and the constituency staff are working overtime to check and upload the registration of voters. As of now, the city has registered 271 thousand and 200 voters. Lin Keqin said that the election was tight and task heavy. The people’s congresses at all levels and electoral institutions should recognize the situation, to further enhance the awareness of the leadership of the party; strict discipline, to ensure that the election integrity; coordination, and earnestly fulfill the statutory duties of National People’s congress. He stressed the need to further study and conscientiously implement the spirit of the central and provincial Party documents, to political enthusiasm and Time will not wait for me. mental state, do not slack, do a solid job in every stage of the election of every aspect of the work, to ensure that the election delicate gas is to ensure that people are satisfied with the election results. (Xiao Shan) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Yan)

南京区镇两级人大换届选举工作座谈会举行–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:全市区镇两级人大 换届选举工作座谈会举行 目前,全市区镇两级人大换届选举工作已有序开展。昨天上午,全市区镇两级人大换届选举工作座谈会举行,市人大常委会副主任、市选举办主任林克勤出席会议。 据了解,9月份,市区两级人大共同配合,对所有参与换届选举工作的基层选举骨干和选民登记信息系统操作人员分别进行业务培训,参训总人数达到7000多人次。从9月26日起,选民登记信息系统正式启用,各选区工作人员正加班加点进行选民登记核对和上传比对工作,截至目前,全市已登记核对选民27.12万人。 林克勤说,这次换届选举时间紧、任务重。各级人大及选举机构要认清形势,进一步增强党的领导意识;严明纪律,确保换届选举风清气正;统筹协调,切实履行人大法定职责。他强调,要深入学习、认真贯彻中央和省市委文件精神,以饱满的政治热情和时不我待的精神状态,全力以赴,毫不松懈,扎实做好换届选举每一阶段每一环节的工作,确保换届选举风清气正,确保选举结果人民满意。(肖姗) (责编:唐璐、张妍)相关的主题文章: