Nanjing bus rolling female taxi taxi passengers died on the spot (video) melia kreiling

Nanjing bus rolling female taxi taxi passengers died on the spot according to the Jiangsu news reporter learned yesterday, at 6:40 in the evening, in the vicinity of Nanjing Metro Line 2 sheep Hill Park subway station, South Bus second bus company a 97 bus to Paradise Road, a violent collision with a taxi, cause a female passenger died. From the users posted on the micro-blog pictures on the 97 bus, rushed into the green belt, a yellow taxi half of the body is tightly pressed on the bus, part of the body has been crushed deformation, broken glass scattered in one place. Reporters learned from the Nanjing bus group, after the accident, Jiangnan bus safety department rushed to the scene for the first time, due to traffic accidents involving death, the current 97 road driver is cooperating with the police investigation and evidence collection. It is understood that when the accident occurred, there were not many passengers on the No. 97 bus. From the license plate, taxi drivers suspected belong to self-employed operators. The cause and responsibility of the accident were investigated and handled by the seven brigade of traffic police. The latest situation: last night, Nanjing traffic police seven brigade announced in its official micro-blog release. 18:32 on October 23, 2016, Xianlin University City School Road, a 97 bus from the south to the North via Xianlin Avenue intersection, and along the Xianlin Avenue from east to the north and turn right a taxi collided with the bus ride in a taxi on the body pressure. A female passenger on the taxi died on the spot, the taxi driver was seriously injured, another passenger was slightly injured and had no life risk; the bus driver and two passengers on the bus were not injured. Bus driver Sohn has been controlled by the police. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Remember! Safety must be paid attention to driving in rainy day! Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) man riding faster Dodge Car unexpectedly climbed into the bus at the bottom of the head was rolling dead

南京一公交车“碾压”出租车 出租车女乘客当场死亡 据江苏新闻广播记者了解,昨天晚上6点40分左右,在南京地铁2号线羊山公园地铁站附近,江南公交第二巴士公司的一辆97路公交车行至仙境路路段时,与一辆出租车发生猛烈碰撞,造成一名女乘客死亡。从网友在微博上发布的照片来看,97路公交车几乎冲到了绿化带上,一辆黄色出租车半个身子被死死压在公交车下,部分车身已被压毁变形,碎玻璃撒落一地。记者从南京公交集团了解到,事故发生后江南公交安全部门第一时间赶往了现场,由于涉及交通事故致死,目前该名97路驾驶员正配合警方调查取证。据了解,事故发生时97路车上乘客不多。从车牌来看,出租车司机疑似属于个体经营者。事故原因及责任认定由交警七大队调查处理。最新情况:昨天夜里,南京交警七大队在其官方微博发布情况通报。2016年10月23日18时32分,仙林大学城学原路,一辆97路公交车由南向北行经仙林大道路口时,与沿仙林大道由东向北右转弯的一辆出租车相撞,公交车骑压在出租车车身上。事故造成出租车上一名女性乘客当场死亡,出租车驾驶员重伤抢救,另一名乘客伤势较轻,无生命危险;公交车驾驶员及公交车上两名乘客未受伤。公交车驾驶员孙某已被警方控制。事故原因正在调查中。切记!雨天行车一定要注意安全!扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 男子骑车快闪躲轿车 不料钻进公交车底部 头部遭碾压身亡相关的主题文章: