Nanjing 50 thousand reward to find the evil stone outside the security unit to install

Nanjing 50 thousand reward to find the evil stone   outside the security unit to install monitoring – Painting – original title: Nanjing Jiao Shi 50 thousand reward to find the evil plans to install monitoring units of foreign media reported in September 9th that "one ton stone" the evil spirits actually stolen after the news, the evil stone since about 1500 in Nanjing City, stolen, shocked the country. Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation bureau announced: offering a reward of 50 thousand yuan for Nanjing District of Qixia City lion village the evil stone stolen clues. To provide effective clues to help solve the case, will reward 50 thousand yuan. Tel: 84427574 (Yi Jingguan), or micro-blog @ Peace Nanjing. The lion Village stone is evil, scattered in one of the precious stone of the Southern Dynasties in Nanjing folk, as early as ten years ago, is the Nanjing city key cultural relics protection units. The specific time has not yet, scholars tend to think that the cultural relics of Liu Song Dynasty period. The afternoon of May 22nd this year, Qixia District Cultural Tourism Bureau received relics inspection staff report, is located in the west of the lion village vegetable level cultural relic protection units lost test (no main tomb stone stolen). This cultural relics stolen nearly 5 months, once the loss of overseas will be irreparable. In this regard, the chief of Qixia Cultural Tourism Bureau of cultural relics department Guo Yong said that at present, Nanjing city public security organs have set up a task force, is actively organize the detection of cases, "1 tons of cultural relics, want to exit, is unlikely." Nanjing city media Bureau of cultural relics department director Wu Jing said, Nanjing will carry out the city’s wild heritage safety investigation, on the existence of security risks, all require rectification in place. At the same time, will make a plan, and apply for special funds, to the city’s outskirts security unit installed monitoring, strengthening the management of cultural relics. (Yinghai, Hector: commissioning editor Dong Zilong)相关的主题文章: