My life in the 21st century, my long March (listen to the story of the old Red Army Long March (2)) kamikaze love

My century life, my long March (listen to the old story about the long march of the Red Army (2)) – Military – Wang Daojin, aged 101, was born in 1915 in Xingguo County of Jiangxi city in Ganzhou province Fu Chong Xian Xiang Hou cun. August 1930 to participate in the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ red army. The first counter campaign after the battle, sanjuntuan was incorporated into the six Division eighteen regiment. In March, four division eleven regiment sanjuntuan is a camp for a platoon. After the founding of new China, former deputy secretary of the CPC Zunyi prefectural Party committee. 1955 was awarded the rank of colonel. "It’s not easy to tell the long march and let the children know how our party and our army are!" "This is a photo I in the 2000 National Minority Games as Zunyi City torch" "this is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in Guizhou Zunyi today, I am also a stick in the first people’s Hospital of Zunyi City, an old man is the reporter hung on the wall of a valuable ward photos. If you don’t ask, it is difficult to imagine in front of the old man in the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar this year just after the 101 birthday. He is life through the old century, through the long march of the old Red Army king gold. Cowboy in the spring when the Red Army army would "a team to the village, make the world special for the poor, the poor very well, the landlord, they are afraid of the white." "Yeah, I know. They’re the red army!" "The Red Army uncle is very kind, they will ask us, the day is not good, there is no big rice to eat, there is no clothes to wear." The beach is cattle Wang Daojin listened to the village buddies zestfully talked, his heart was full of curiosity and goodwill to speak for the poor of the red army. The 15 year old Wang Daojin cattle has been more than a year. He gave his family a medicine shop landlord cattle every morning up the fire, water filled, stove burn, and then put out the cattle, cattle grass. Prior to this, he also laid mats for three years when the apprentice school series, drying rice bamboo mat. At that time, the Central Soviet Red Army officers and men between heaven and earth will be sounded singing: "a soldier must when the Red Army, and I struggle for life. The officers were on a blind date, and no one came to oppress them. When you want to be a Red Army soldiers, workers and peasants everywhere revolution. The work will have a job, a plow tillage." One day, Wang Daojin is one of eighteen cattle, nine year old Red Army soldiers came to him and he chatted, asked him to put cattle is their home or host family, there are a few people in my family, life is not difficult. After that, the Red Army soldiers often come to Wang Daojin and his buddies. Later, the Red Army soldiers told Wang Daojin, young people have an organization, called the Chinese Communist Youth League, asked him if he would like to participate. Wang Jin promised: "yes, I am willing to participate! For the poor to fight the world organization must be a good organization, can not be wrong!" So, cowboy king gold and two other village buddy joined the Communist Youth league. Talk about this important moment in his life, Wang Daojin still conceal his excitement, he told reporters: "the oath ceremony, the brother said US)相关的主题文章: