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Multiple "extreme" weather hit Gansu round was "and two days" – Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou, August 25 (reporter Feng Zhijun) since the summer of this year, the "regional narrow" of Gansu experienced a sustained high temperature for more than 50 years the strongest, the "legacy" in the recent drought in many fermentation and spread. After the autumn rain "encounter increasingly dense". Drought and rare rare rainstorm, so that local people need to face "and two days" test. Since August 22nd, stretching about 1600 kilometers west of the Gansu local "high fever" has not yet been fully "retreat", a round of precipitation in a hurry "settled fully and delightfully". Known as "the year for" Gansu, fragile ecological and complex landscape "let it rain for more afraid of the rain", the "anxiety" appeared in the days of heavy rainfall in recent. August 22nd to 23, most of Gansu was hit by heavy rain, local heavy rain, causing floods, mudslides and other disasters, and a fashion without meaning". According to the Gansu provincial Civil Affairs Department 24, statistics, the large-scale rainfall has caused 7 city, including Gansu, the capital of Lanzhou (state) 125 thousand people were affected, more than 2200 people need emergency relief life, more than 700 houses were damaged or collapsed, severely affected crops. During the period, located in Gansu and Qinghai and Sichuan provinces at the junction of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture appeared extremely rare Luqu County of short-term rainfall, local only 2 hour rainfall reached 114.3 mm, breaking the historical extremes. With the adjacent Xiahe County also due to heavy rains triggered mudslides disaster, more than 4000 people were evacuated, hundreds of people were injured. The end of the 56 years of the most long high temperature baked Lanzhou, 22 days since the emergence of the rainy weather, caused the collapse accident occurred at City Road, pedestrians and vehicles fall into the pit, but fortunately no casualties. To 25 am, after a night of rain, baptism, the local temperature plummeted, a number of water appeared on the road, the flow of outdoor activities decreased significantly, seems to be in the accident risk aversion. Lanzhou Meteorological Center expects this round of rainfall will occupy about a week in Gansu. The continuous rain in Hexi area, the East more rainfall showers, accompanied by strong convective strong precipitation weather, to remind people to pay attention to prevention. In Gansu due to continuous heavy rainfall is "very upset" when this summer, sustained high temperatures caused by the drought also let the Middle East "". Dingxi, Tianshui, Linxia, Qingyang, Longnan and other places have recently issued a "drought alert", which is known as "bitter ridge under heaven" said the Dingxi city is experiencing high temperature and drought in the history of a rare. According to official statistics, this is the Dingxi encounter since meteorological records the worst drought in the field, the current local crops all affected by drought, and difficulty in drinking water. Although the next week will be based on the local major rain or showers, but the drought is still not lifted. Since July this year, most of Gansu local high temperature 2 degrees Celsius, the highest average temperature highest in the past 56 years, including Lanzhou and more continuous high temperature days breaking the historical extremes, the highest temperature in many places also break the extremum. Continuous high temperature and less rain, resulting in the Middle East相关的主题文章: