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MSCI welcome China relax QFII investment restrictions in June that A shares Level2:A shares of sina finance Sina Finance client finally decided to speed Wagner: making the most of the investors are in use according to Bloomberg News reported that the U.S. index company MSCI said on Friday, welcome Chinese in the application of the A shares included in the international index on the occasion, the relaxation of QFII investment limit; and that will be June as part of A shares to make a final decision. MSCI also said it will conduct a consultation once again in early April, is expected in June will be included in the A shares to make a final decision. MSCI said that the correlation between the cancellation of the amount of the application and the allocation of the amount of assets should be regarded as an important step". In June 2015, MSCI suspended the Chinese A shares into its benchmark index, but worked with China’s securities regulators to solve the allocation of investment quotas and other issues. China’s State Security Administration said on Thursday that it will reform the foreign exchange management system of qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII). Relax the investment limit of single QFII institutions, on the basis of the amount of the amount of application of QFII to take the record management, investment capital is no longer set into deadlines. According to the new regulations, safe will QFII the lock from a regular investment period was shortened to 3 months, keep the funds in batches, staging remittance requirements, QFII monthly remittance of funds total size of not more than 20% of domestic assets. The United States General Fund (KraneShares) chief investment officer Brendan Ahern said that since China A shares have not been fully included in the MSCI index, because foreign investors to enter the market is limited. The opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong and the relaxation of restrictions on QFII and RQFII broaden the way for international investors to enter China’s capital market. If the MSCI A shares will be fully integrated into the MSCI, Chinese in emerging markets in the weight of more than 40%, once Taiwan and South Korea are included in the developed markets, Chinese weights will become 60%. Now, only 5% of Listing Chinese companies in Hong Kong are included in the MSCI. According to the Reuters report, analysts pointed out that the increased convenience of QFII investments is mainly import and prepare for the future of the A shares included in the MSCI emerging markets index, because this is one of the most important technical conditions, the daily redemption can provide more liquidity to fund. MSCI had pointed out that although the Chinese market turmoil, and the authorities intervened heavily in the situation, but will not be the deciding whether to Chinese listed stocks included in the emerging markets index. As long as the problems related to China’s market access are resolved, A shares are expected to be included. MSCI is a famous index preparation company in the United States. It is an investment decision support provider with about 7500 clients, such as hedge funds. Ming Sheng index MSCI global stock index covering 70 developed and emerging markets in more than 14000 stocks, is the most widely used cross-border stock fund performance benchmark index, more than 500 of the world only ETF to MSCI index as the target tracking. Entering Sina

MSCI欢迎中国放宽QFII投资限制 6月就纳A股做最终决定 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   根据彭博新闻社报道,美国指数编制公司MSCI在周五表示,欢迎中国在申请将A股纳入国际指数之际,放宽QFII投资限制;并表示将于6月就纳入部分A股做出最终决定。   MSCI还表示将于4月初再度进行咨询,预计6月会就纳入部分A股做出最终决定。MSCI表示将额度申请取消和额度分配 资产规模的关联视为“重要步骤”。2015年6月,MSCI暂停将中国A股纳入其基准指数,而是和中国证券监管层合作解决投资额度分配等问题。   中国外管局周四称,将对合格境外机构投资者(QFII)外汇管理制度进行改革。放宽单家QFII机构投资额度上限,对基础额度内的额度申请采取备案管理,对QFII投资本金不再设置汇入期限要求。   根据新规,外管局将QFII投资本金锁定期从一年缩短为3个月,保留资金分批、分期汇出要求,QFII每月汇出资金总规模不得超过境内资产的20%。   美国金瑞基金(KraneShares)首席投资官Brendan Ahern表示,一直以来,中国A股没有被完全列入MSCI指数,是因为外国投资者进入这个市场受到限制。而沪港通的启动以及QFII、RQFII限制的 放宽,则拓宽了国际投资者进入中国资本市场的途径。如果MSCI将A股完全纳入,中国在MSCI新兴市场里的权重将超过40%,一旦台湾和韩国被列入发达市场,中国的权重将变为60%。现在,香港上市的中国公司里仅有5%被纳入MSCI。   根据路透社报道,分析师指出,增加QFII投资本金进出的便利性主要是为未来MSCI将A股纳入新兴市场指数做准备,因为这是最重要的技术条件之一,按日申赎则可以为基金提供更多的流动性。   MSCI此前指出,虽然中国市场出现剧烈震荡,及当局大举干预的情况,但将不会是其决定是否将中国上市个股纳入新兴市场指数时的考虑因素。只要与中国市场可进入性相关的问题得到解决,预计将会把A股纳入。   MSCI是美国著名指数编制公司,是拥有各类对冲基金等约7500家客户的投资决策支持工具供应商。明晟标志指数的MSCI全球股票指数覆盖了70 个发达及新兴市场中超过14000只股票,是跨境股票基金最广泛使用的业绩基准指数,全球超过500只ETF以MSCI指数作为跟踪标的。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: