Moyers, what the hell is this the change notice

Moyers, what the hell is this the change notice prank? What the hell? Sina sports coach Sunderland’s former Manchester United manager Moyers has a "moth", he in a Premier League game before the rare chicken substitutions, sparked media attention. At Tottenham and Sunderland before the game, Holland left back into the black van aanholt had been scheduled first, but in 15 minutes before kick-off, the Dutchman has suffered bizarre "notice". Teammate de Nayar came over and told Van Anhalt that you were taken off and replaced me! The TV camera to capture the communication process when two people, Van Anhalt is incredible, then angry kick the ball in the air, vent their emotions. But de Nayar reluctantly opened: it’s not for me to say…… This thing strange place has two: first, the first has gone up, only 15 minutes from the kick-off, the change is actually relatively rare; two, as a coach, Moyers told Van Anhalt not to go, but let the impostor oneself to say, let two people when the "friction", which seems to have the point is not authentic. Moyers and what to do after the game Moyers’s explanation is very general: "is the medical aspects of the reasons, the players in the warm-up may be injured". You can see in Van Anhalt’s case, nothing like physical ailments, but since the boss said so, he can only be miserable "injured" to. In under the leadership of Moyers, Sunderland this season off to a bad start, after the 5 round only accumulates 1 points ranked second, in the next game, Moyers need brains where I am afraid a lot. (Xiang Feng)相关的主题文章: