Mother will take care of a baby boy tuoshuren quickly

Mother will take care of a baby boy tuoshuren quickly sold 20 years ago, Sichuan Ji couple Mr. Zhang and Ms. Chen came to Jinjiang Chidian Xindian Village to contract project, originally, Zhang couples day is quite good, however! One day in September 2003, a fact like a bolt from the blue, completely destroyed the couple quiet life… Will…. four month old son tuoshuren was sold in the temporary care! That day recalled in September 2003, Mr. Zhang and his wife sad tears, tears……. Originally, the day of the incident, Ms. Chen to take her daughter to buy food, will be entrusted to four month old son to an acquaintance of the site – Tanmou, let him help temporarily take care of. However, only after half an hour, Ms. Chen came back, but found that the son and Tanmou are gone! Mr. Zhang and his wife felt something was wrong, hurry go crazy, two people in the streets looking for his son, but no child trace! Tan is Guizhou, his wife is Fujian, Anxi. After the incident, Mr. Zhang and his wife along the two clues to find his son, but also heard…… Tanmou seems to evaporate! Boy, where are you?! With the pain of heart, for 13 years, Mr. Zhang and his wife asked, looking around, never give up…..13 for Zi Lu, eventually learned that the child was selling 4 hand! Far away from home you have a good time. In the period, in 2013, things have changed! Tan was arrested by the police, Tan confessed that he put the husband and wife Zhang son sold by twelve thousand! A tan for the crime of trafficking in children was sentenced. However, the case of another key man Tanmou wife Lee disappear without a trace. Children in the end where? In the blink of an eye, clues children still cannot find again no echo. Hard work pays off, in October 2016, Jinjiang police found Lee appeared in the town of Anxi sword fighting, with the assistance of the police in Anxi, Lee was arrested. Lee after appearing in court, the intermediate people in the trafficking of children to the police. However, the intermediary has died. The police spent a tremendous effort, finally has the two suspected suspects were arrested, but still did not find the couple’s son was sold where. Zhang and his husband and wife unbearable pain, waiting for the news of the police day and night. After careful combing of the Jinjiang police can use the information sources, and finally, Mr. Zhang couple came to the good news! Jinjiang pool shop police station Xu Gaojie introduction, Mr. Zhang’s children, is selling 4 hand, eventually sold to Anxi lake. For 13 years, can finally see their baby again! When he was a baby, now, is already a teenager! How tall is he? Do you have a happy life? Mr. Zhang is full of expectations. In Jinjiang, Anxi, under the witness of the police, the bitter hope of 13 years of reunion, really came…… the family finally reunited, is a young man how he would choose? Stand in the teen in front of Mr. Zhang and his wife, mother MS call him Xiao Hao, he’s lost a son for thirteen years. Family reunion, happiness, Mr. Zhang and his wife hugged the small Hao, tightly…… Xiaohao mother Ms. Su told reporters that her husband died early,;相关的主题文章: