Most .mon Objections From Solar Leads And Debt Settlement Leads, And How To Deal With

Finance So with your list of actionable hot leads, you pick up the phone. And get shot down within in the first 10 seconds. Nobody can predict the exact response of a prospect, but there are some .mon objections that are used and if brokers can navigate around them, a seemingly lost prospect can turn into a lead conversion. #1 Im too busy to talk .pletely understandable. Not everybody waits around next to the phone to be sold a product of some kind. This is likely that this is a brush off, however. Its important to bounce right back with a lets re-schedule then, I can call you back in an hour. #2 I need to think about it This one is slightly trickier because although it would be simple enough to do the, Ill call you back response, the keyword here is, think. What are they thinking about? To sell solar leads and debt settlement leads on an idea, its important that the broker knows the prospects concerns about buying. The simplest approach here is to ask if theres any questions they have so they can think about it with all the information. This will often prompt a prospect to talk about their real objection or reason for pause. Once this is known, its possible to put them at ease and re-visit the conversation with a more open mind. #3 I cant afford it right now This might be true, but unless your .pany is operating at prices way above average, the prospect will have more than likely expected to be paying a sum somewhere in the ball park of what youre offering. Breaking the cost down into more manageable (and attractive) bite-size chunks while pointing out the unique value of your particular product can help them see that your pricing is justifiable. #4 Im OK as I am for now Here you can use the latter part of the statement to your advantage. People might feel that theyre alright with their current situation. However, the very fact that theyve been placed on your list of debt settlement leads or solar leads means that the thought of changing has definitely crossed their minds. Let them now that for now doesnt last forever, and to make sure they dont lose out in the future they should look at your .petitive package. The most important thing to remember when calling solar leads and debt settlement leads is to listen to the clients needs. They may not be able to vocalize them very well, but a good broker will read between the lines and find a way to address the clients concerns and build a trusting relationship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: