More than 4900 sets of new wells appeared in Wenzhou urban main road-darren hayes

More than 4900 sets of model covers the main urban road debut in Wenzhou this year, in order to cure the manhole cover of the "disease", Wenzhou city water company to carry out large-scale upgrading work covers. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal public group, as of now, the city water company has installed ductile iron manhole covers, rainwater grate a total of more than 4900 sets, of which more than 3900 sets installed in 2016. Compared with the traditional manhole cover, ductile iron covers not only the actual bearing strength, high compressive strength, and device design three fixed with elastic locking, anti vibration and anti noise, anti jump, anti-theft function. Among them, the subsidence type covers will well ring directly into the roadbed, security covers and the road at the same level, increase the cover force area, to avoid the "winking belly" phenomenon. The work covers quality and also to a certain extent, reduce the defect rate. According to the statistics and analysis of drainage files, lack of drainage company in 2016 1-10 month received files, damaged covers, down 5.68% last year, and showed a declining trend. And effectively improve the road conditions, by the public praise.相关的主题文章: