More than 20 representatives of the National Institute of Education launched the Silk Road scholarsh-yuanjiao

More than 20 countries on behalf of education initiated the Silk Road university scholarship program Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Zhang Zhengliu Chen Ping) as one of the highlight of the Expo, the 2 day Asian Education Forum opened in Chengdu on 8 may, more than 20 countries and regions in education on behalf of more than 600 people, to discuss the education, science and technology, innovation and other issues. The conference, the delegates unanimously issued a "build" The Belt and Road "Chengdu declaration" Education Action: CO sponsored the creation of the "Silk Road university scholarship program", "set up" The Belt and Road teachers’ exchange project, regularly held in Chengdu "The Belt and Road" International Education Conference "and" build "The Belt and Road ‘occupation education and school enterprise cooperation platform, designed to carry out the" youth silk civilization exchange "series of activities. Through the platform to play a role of the Asian Education BBS, set up a "bridge Belt and Road Initiative" educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation. The annual meeting covers "international occupation education innovation", "youth growth and sustainable development", "innovative entrepreneurship education" and "Internet plus education", "science education innovation", "child health sports" 6 issues. (West China Metropolis Daily)相关的主题文章: