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Millet 5S eye of the night can penetrate the darkness the second half – Sohu is the annual science and technology, the mobile phone industry’s peak, millet is no exception, the end of September this year, millet released fourth models of mobile phone (not including a series of red rice, millet) in recent years, the increasingly rapid pace of development, from the previous year to now the year four or five, millet is also eager to a greater share of the cake in the mobile phone industry, there are more and more people believe that millet is not born to have a fever, that the millet 5S how to do, take a look at. The millet 5S released a total of three versions, respectively is 4G+32G, 3G+64G, 4G+128G, CPU is the Xiaolong 821, but unfortunately still underclocking version, and top with no memory by 6G, the biggest bright spot is the ultrasonic fingerprint, and innovation in the top version the introduction of the pressure screen, you can use the 3D touch and iPhone. A simple box, the first to see the box, millet not used once praise kraft paper in a high degree, but for the pure white, the whole box no other marks except MI logo, or on the inside of the box structure, the top mobile phone charger, below is the specification, and the data line, still do not like iPhone the same gift headset. The trial model for the light gray 128G version, which is the top version of millet 5S version, compared to other versions of the top version with a pressure screen. Following the mobile phone, when the concept of information screen aesthetics have been proposed, the major mobile phone manufacturers began to go down this road, in order to screen after the appearance, more and more ID without borders are also used, resulting in black side light screens after the people can not bear to look into the dark grey millet 5S the black version of the front panel, which also makes mobile phone can better in the bright screen under the condition of beauty, while the millet 5S adopts 2.5D arc glass, the overall texture of Chengdu also has a great promotion, 5S chose to screen 5.15 inch display, the size of my personal preference is slightly larger. Hand grip is pretty good also joined the sun screen, luminous screen and other models, the upper left corner of the MI logo has been canceled, the overall look more concise. Millet 5S all metal body, together with the front panel of 2.5D glass, is still behind the design of three antenna nano injection of mainstream, the back of the fuselage with a wide, millet 5 is very similar, drawing technology of high grade level of light, one can tell. Because the use of an integrated metal body, the phone’s weight has reached 145g, 5 heavier than millet. The millet 5S has a total of 4 colors, including dark gray and gold in addition to matte version, there is a high light drawing version at the press conference, Lei total display drawing version, a lot of people think that with the red rice Pro, in fact, drawing millet 5S than red rice Pro and many, at the same time. With high light surface treatment, still feels very smooth, the light can see fine lines. IPho.相关的主题文章: