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Micro-blog has gone crazy, unfamiliar street with crazy to? Abstract: the market value of Sohu technology had considerable social Ali two brothers, micro-blog has entered the tens of billions of dollars in the club, in the broadcast field earn bowl full of pots full of unfamiliar street will follow suit? With this problem, Yin recently and unfamiliar street COO Wang force had an in-depth exchange, which has the article. A week before the unfamiliar street privatization buyer group announced the withdrawal of the privatization offer, its share price has not the same situation as many companies as price suffered substantial retracement, but in five trading days rose 1/4. Maybe on the part of investors, compared to a one-off opportunity of privatization, the company’s stock may be more valuable — and unfamiliar street belong to Ali, belonging to the category of social networks in micro-blog last year showed long-term holding, always make people full of reverie. A year ago, unfamiliar street market was more than micro-blog, but since then micro-blog rose more than three times the current market value of more than $10 billion, while unfamiliar street rose only 60%, the market value is less than 40% of micro-blog, but mainly in the past more than a month rose — during this street the stock price has nearly doubled. Let the new and unfamiliar street situation financial accident, also encouraging: in the broadcast field widely sought after, the company almost muffled fortune — a quarter of the revenue reached $57 million 900 thousand, accounting for 58% of revenue, a year ago this business has not started. In the first quarter of this year, the first quarter of the independent live broadcast of unfamiliar street, it reached $15 million 600 thousand, accounting for 30% of the company’s revenue. Further forward, unfamiliar street, the main revenue for mobile marketing in turn (39%), membership subscription (37%), games (20%) and paid expression and live music. But the impact of live on the street street far more than financial so simple, it almost has reshaped the company, which is unfamiliar street management pursues: when they decided to get involved in the broadcast in the third quarter of last year, seems to have been determined, because they live directly instead of adventure with a huge flow of "discovery" the function of position. This choice of remarkable from the results: the third quarter of last year, the monthly active users unfamiliar street appeared chain fell sharply, from 78 million 400 thousand before the all-time high of a quarter, dropped to 69 million 800 thousand, even this past quarter, monthly active users still haven’t reached an all-time high, a year ago, only 74 million 800 thousand, but the growth the trend has been on the basis of the new re establishment. At the same time, the company’s revenue structure has also changed: from the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year, the revenue from the game and its members have experienced a decline or stagnation. This is the impact on the overall reduction of active users, both the bottleneck in the growth mode, but also a deliberate composition, such as in the live on the taste of sweetness, unfamiliar street game decided to focus on its social attributes more relevant products, rather than to do what under the pressure of revenue. On the contrary, if you do not seize the live, unfamiliar street may encounter is not just a financial loss, but the company can continue to maintain its market position. Unfamiliar street a few years to enjoy相关的主题文章: