Mianyang to intercept 772.4 grams of heroin, the age of 15 years of human body drug trafficking of t super bass

Mianyang intercepted 772.4 grams of heroin and 15 year old human trafficking 389.9 grams (Figure) "Mekong River action" is aggressively anti narcotics police style popular, we Mianyang (micro-blog) the police Milo is not bad! Look at this bag of candy, and tell you it’s all heroin! The afternoon of May 27th this year, Fucheng police station card (micro-blog) drug on gold Jialin charges. In a bus bound for Ji’nan from Chengdu to check the bus, the man Wu caused the police attention. Area police station Zhou Heng told reporters: "he was carrying two boxes of instant noodles, but there is no face, but two bags of white suspicious objects." Wu said that belongs to another man Alex, two people immediately by the police control. Later, in the course of the police inspection, with the car 15 year old Hu confessed to the police. "He said three of them together, he himself also has something to swallow, stomach, a total of 84." Zhou Heng said. Subsequently, the police will bring back all three. In the face of Hu belly "suspicious" police, but a headache. Zhou Heng said: the hospital did not dare to deal with, if something is broken inside, Hu may be poisoned to death. Wait four or five days, Hu finally passed the way out of defecation, gross weight 556.8g." After identification, Wu carry and Hu swallow are heroin. Carry a net weight of 382.5 grams of heroin, Humou out of heroin net weight of 389.9 grams. So many drugs, if into the community, and how many people will endanger the lives of ah! According to Wu and Hu confessed that these drugs are a force to pay them. To 5000 yuan reward, so that the two people to help transport from Xichang to Xi’an. At present, the case has entered the judicial process. Humou for less than 16 years of age, does not constitute the crime of transporting drugs, by parents for education. The other two will face up to 15 years in prison, life imprisonment or death penalty. (reporter: fee Shuai correspondent: Zhou Heng Xu Feng) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for further reading 96 hours Hunan Zhi River cracked body bet on drug trafficking gangs相关的主题文章: