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Messi Lavezzi: the team blocked media never communicate – Sports Sohu   Messi Ravitch: media censorship in Argentina’s team finally win, in San Juan, Messi’s team 3-0 victory over rival Columbia, the team temporarily stopped the momentum of decline. But after a victory, also known as the things outside the focus of media attention. After the game, the Argentina players have refused media interviews, Messi led all 26 players attended the press conference, Messi said that the national team’s players will lead Argentina to reject any media interview from now on. "Marca" records all of Messi’s remarks, "we made the decision — no longer communicate with the media. This is in support of Ravitch, he was treated unfairly. As for the treatment, I think you all know. We’re not going to talk to you anymore. We always love his mind, we love to be honest, not secretive, so I announced the decision on behalf of everyone." A remark, immediately let all the Argentina media scene all silly eye. Messi also apologized for the scene, "we apologize for the confusion, but decided to stand up. Standing here announcing all this, we have made a decision not to be interviewed by the media. The Ravitch rumor is very serious. If we don’t stand up and say something, the fans think that’s the way it is. People believe what they say in the media, and we want to be able to cut off rumors." Messi referred to the Ravitch event, Argentina is a television reporter said Ravitch was not in the squad in Argentina and Brazil, because he secretly smoked marijuana in the training period. Coupled with the Argentina comprehensive defeat to rivals Brazil, Ravitch instantly become the enemy of the fans. Messi said, the move of people do not, "we know that many of you have to respect the players, you can say we played good or bad, but if the intervention in the private lives of the players, the accused is very serious, and this is not the first time. Because of this we stand here, you will continue to be our spare none but we will not play this game. You’re gonna make up a lot of our stories. We have reminded you that we are now refusing to respond." (this summer)相关的主题文章: