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"Meranti" landing places devastated hundreds of tons of heavy crane load in the dock over Hisoar 55 tons crane Cai Jiajin was blown down a piece of seedlings in greenhouse. Peng Dong Fen fruit and vegetable farming cooperatives roof and walls are gone. Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (reporter Lu Shiyang morning news Yuan Xiaomin Chen Xiaoqing) "Meranti" how strong destructive power, how much? Despite the raging Xiamen No. fourteenth typhoon this year, has been over the past two days, when reporters yesterday to return to the typhoon landed in Australia, Peng Cuo Zhen Xiang new head etc., or sight shocked: tens of meters high 100 ton crane were thrown to the ground, near the plant, warehouse roof all have been destroyed…… Although the landing still devastated, Xiangan has the mobilization of emergency deployment, the affected enterprises and farmers also rely on themselves and act quickly to start self-help. Australia Australia head head was blown adjustable gantry crane crane to the new town of Xiangan across the sea with Fuzheng Xiamen island two sea, because just in the coastal zone prominent when the typhoon hit, hit. As a famous fishing village near the sea, seafood restaurants on the side of the sea because most of the power outages have been closed, sporadic few rely on their own diesel generators to insist on business, but few guests. Hisoar side of the pier not far away, in Sanhang (Xiamen) engineering company safe fishery Ou CuO site, two units used for hoisting prefabricated board Giant Gantry Crane was blown down. In order to repair as soon as possible, the company has transferred to the province to install the company’s big crane, ready to put these two gang up. Technical staff said righting these two big guys need at least a week, the cost of at least about 100000 yuan. Pier linked to the concrete pier of the whole piece of the fence was blown to the ground, thousands of square meters of the top of the huge warehouse was torn. The workers are cleaning up the warehouse told reporters, crane loss and warehouse wharf compared is pale into insignificance by comparison, there is a value of tens of millions of the tower was blown. The workers refers to the direction from afar, the pier still stands 4 cranes, but a middle bent the waist. A closer look, the giant central steel tower crane has been distorted, the tower fell on the stone yard, the tower screamed "on the lifting load of 55 tons". "The wind is so strong here, and even the big guy can’t help it!" Nearby workers told reporters, they evacuated the night pier, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Peng Cuo agricultural cooperative damaged the villagers to help themselves without delay about 20 minutes drive, the reporter went to the same town in the typhoon landing point Peng CuO community. A road in the seaside community from Peng CuO about 1 kilometers, the reporter saw a hundred square meters of metal roof was opened. Stop to ask, originally here is the Xiangan District East Fen fruit and vegetable agricultural cooperatives, cooperatives boss Peng Dongxun and workers are finishing. This typhoon is really horrible, no roof, the wall fell down, my expensive machine inside the fly, soaked in water, it is ruined." When it comes to this, Peng Dongxun is sad. However, Peng Dongxun is still a positive response, with the workers are using hydraulic scissors, etc..相关的主题文章: