Mengcheng boy intentionally drunk female users after

Mengcheng guy deliberately drunk female friends after the rape of Mengcheng woman Li Li (a pseudonym) met through online with a man surnamed Geng, know a few days later, the man is about to go out for dinner, inexperienced girl was invited to dinner, not only suffered sexual abuse, but also hurt himself out of the sisters together with each other, were obscene. Market star, Anhui financial network morning reporter learned from the Mengcheng court, the court of first instance to the crime of rape, forced indecency and sentenced the defendant Gengmou four years and five months life imprisonment and imprisonment for six months, graft, decided to implement the four years and eight months imprisonment. At about 10 p.m. on May 27th this year, the defendant Geng Mou came out for a barbecue by QQ about lily, and Lily was ready to keep an appointment with her friend. On the wine table, Lili drink a lot of wine and beer, drunk Gengmou arranged two become unconscious, the girl went to a hotel stay. Midnight, Gengmou Lili came to the living room, while sleeping on the occasion, forced sexual relations, and then to another girl to cuddle, touch and other lewd behavior, the other to be resisted, and took the opportunity to flee the scene. When Lily woke up, she was found to be raped by Geng, and then she told her friend to call the police. According to the above facts of crime, the court held that the defendant, Geng, forced sexual relations with women after drunkenness, which constituted rape; forced women to be molested by coercion, which constituted a crime of compulsory indecency. Accordingly, the court made the judgment. Cao Youxi, Korean tiger market star, Anhui financial network reporter Ren Jie (responsible editor Wu Xue)

蒙城小伙故意灌醉女网友后将其强奸   蒙城女子丽丽(化名)通过网上与一名耿姓男子认识,认识没几天,男子就约其出来吃饭,不谙世事的女孩应邀赴宴,不仅自己遭受到性侵,还连累陪同自己一起出来的姐妹,惨遭对方猥亵。市场星报、安徽财经网记者今天上午从蒙城法院获悉,该院一审以强奸罪、强制猥亵罪,判处被告人耿某有期徒刑四年五个月和有期徒刑六个月,数罪并罚,决定执行有期徒刑四年八个月。   今年5月27日晚上10点左右,被告人耿某通过QQ约丽丽出来吃烧烤,丽丽就带着自己的好友爽快赴约。在酒桌上,丽丽喝了不少白酒和啤酒,醉酒后不省人事,耿某就安排两女孩一起到某宾馆住下。凌晨时分,耿某来到丽丽所住的房间内,趁熟睡之际,强行与其发生性关系,后又对另一女孩进行搂抱、抚摸等猥亵行为,对方予以反抗,并趁机逃离现场。当丽丽醒来后,发现被耿某性侵,随即通知朋友报警。   根据上述犯罪事实,法院认为被告人耿某在妇女醉酒后强行与其发生性关系,其行为构成强奸罪;以胁迫的方法强行猥亵妇女,其行为已构成强制猥亵罪。据此,法院作出上述判决。曹友喜 韩猛虎 市场星报、安徽财经网记者 任杰   (责任编辑 吴雪)相关的主题文章: