Men driving without a license to drive a bad eyesight, his wife sat copilot stare traffic police-roselip

Man driving without a license eyesight wife sitting copilot "stare" traffic police – Beijing motor vehicle without a driver’s license and eyesight Tanmou, to prevent road traffic police check, then let his wife sitting in the passenger seat to help watch. In the course of driving, Tam wife just playing mobile phone, the results, met the traffic police…… After the event, Tan also complained about his wife dereliction of duty". November 6th, the reporter learned from the Bazhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Southern brigade learned things. Sill Maimaiti memories, November 3rd 15 pm, in the vicinity of their tower town of Tarim River Bridge on duty, found a license for a new M white pickup truck. Pickup truck in the distance of more than 20 meters from the sudden stop, and feel the problem, we ran past." "My mother ah, you know to play mobile phone, in front of a traffic police did not see!" See the police came running, sitting in the driver’s seat on his head, kept complaining about a woman sitting in the copilot position. Police later asked that a man and a woman on the car is a husband and wife. After the traffic police found that the driver did not get a driver’s license, driving license. "Tanmou this year 40 years old, is near the farm workers." Buy Searle says, they asked that day, Tanmou contact truck shipped a car for cotton to a unit, the way he drove a pickup truck to guide the lorry to the place of discharge. Tanmou eyesight is not good, then let his wife sitting in the copilot position to observe whether the road traffic police, ready to turn around to escape. 15 am, traveling to the bridge near the Tarim River, Tan will see the traffic police quickly stepped on the brakes. According to the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, Tan will be sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention, a fine of $2000 penalty.相关的主题文章: