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Men also have a physical period? A man of physiology of the abnormal performance of women have a great aunt, a man not far behind will find a big uncle. The most common period of male physiology is also a cycle of 28 days. In this cycle, the men will experience a psychological low tide, with the outbreak of the mood, such as a decline in immunity, such as physical discomfort. In fact, the man’s body hormones will also change, testosterone and androgen levels in men showed a downward trend, at the lowest point. Of course the man cycle vague boundaries, not everyone has the obvious cycle, more than a month goes. But there is a woman and is similar to that of the men in the holidays are very fragile, will appear weak, mood swings, sad depressed symptoms, mainly in the following aspects: resistance, weak, easy to catch a cold, headache, backache, prone to prostate disease; restless everything that is not in the state, to the rhythm and tone became uneven pace, deep voice, slurred speech; cold temper, see the wife or girlfriend is no longer sweet, occasionallyangry; depression depressed, often for some small things rather baffling care-laden, always alone stuffy smoking cigarettes, and occasionally long out of breath; eyes always seem to avoid intense darkness without light, what is very fragile; looks a bit shy, depressed, unhappy; easy to become jealous, appearing nervous in public; Heat reduction. However, as long as the man to communicate with people will be greatly improved. Because more exchanges, psychological adjustment can make men learn self decompression, relax in the menstrual period. If you can do what you like, it’s best to relax. Usually work pressure, at this time may wish to give yourself a little fake, the phone, the computer are turned off, listen to music, read books, look around. Find more friends to communicate, especially male friends, talk more positive topics. Click to join the Guangdong provincial health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, it is bad for you oh相关的主题文章: