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Medical examination of the radiation, in the end is not safe? Sohu Health Organization of the company before the examination, Xiao Li has done all the checks, only the chest did not shoot, and threatened to die without a chest radiograph. The doctor through communication, after the reason that Li is not the sternum, laugh and cry. His reason is: chest radiography is too large, will get cancer. It is well known that radiation is one of the most important causes of cancer, and because of this, people are very careful about radiation. Even to the hospital physical examination, the radiation brought about by the examination will be somewhat worried. So, how much radiation medical examination? One or two noun to figure out this problem, we must first understand the two related words: SV (Sievert, the unit symbol is Sv, referred to as Xi, for Taiwan West) and Gy (Grey, unit meets Gy, referred to as GE). 1 SV SV is a special name dose equivalent units, per kilogram of tissue to absorb 1 joules of energy is 1 SV, SV is very large units, common mSv (mSv) to represent the dose equivalent, 1Sv=1000mSv. 2 Gy dose Gy is a technical term, per kilogram of tissue per hour 1 joules of energy absorption is 1 Gy, usually used to represent 1Gy=1000mGy mGy. From the definition we can see that the SV said the radiation dose, and the dose absorbed gy. That is to say, 1Sv 1Kg radiation is completely absorbed is 1Gy, and the absorption of radiation in different tissues of human organs are different, with different absorption rates, such as the lungs of 0.12, which is equivalent to the 1Gy of lung irradiated body irradiation 0.12Sv. Have radiation in our environment, including air, soil and food are, every year to accept 2~4mSv in our country is 3.1mSv; in the daily life of computer, TV, refrigerator, microwave ovens have radiation, but in general, the total does not exceed 5mSv. Two, medical examination has radiation, an unsafe? At present, most of the radiation received from the medical diagnosis, including X-ray and CT, ultrasound and magnetic resonance (MRI) there is no ray. A chest X-ray was about 0.02mSv, the damage to the body is almost negligible; a CT scan of the head of 2mSv, a CT scan of the chest 3mSv, the highest dose of abdominal CT scans, one about 5mSv, this is some people say a CT scan is taken hundreds of chest X-ray source, but some alarmist the. Because of a long-distance air travel also has 0.2mSv, in accordance with this argument is equivalent to take dozens of chest X-ray, then 20 cigarettes a day up to 1mSV years, it is not equal to shoot nearly a hundred chest X-ray? For workers engaged in radiation work, the annual dose is not more than 50mSv, a single organ does not exceed 500mSv, the eye lens does not exceed 150mSv, which means that the annual radiation dose is less than 50m.相关的主题文章: