Media talk about net car prices no longer burn, let the market return to reason in Beijing kasey chase

Media talk about net car prices: no longer burn, let the market return to reason – the new net car prices do not have to worry too much about (the people’s livelihood concern about the car? Network) network about cars booming, after all is that it makes travel more convenient, more comfortable and cheaper; the appropriate price is favorable for diversified development and the difference competition how subsidies fell again, how fast is expensive? Recently, the price drops so many passengers feel uncomfortable. Especially remember burn wars when the price of a lot of difference contrast. Always burn to last. The subsidy is to seize the market, cultivate customer "ripener", can’t always burn down. At the beginning of last month, drops travel with excellent step China shake hands, but also accelerated the arrival of that day. In the network about the car users have been large enough, the identity of the legalization has been confirmed, a bit has been occupied by the share of the advantages of the background, the short term subsidy war is difficult to lift waves. The price has gone up, how should look? No longer burn, let the market have the opportunity to return to reason. The net is booming, in the final analysis is that it makes travel more convenient, more comfortable and more enjoyable, rather than cheaper. What’s more, in the past, the deviation from the cost of low-cost also stimulate a number of unnecessary travel demand, affecting the traffic situation. Prices rose back, can make the network about cars and car cruise more participate in fair competition, squeezing out the market share in the water, it helps the public more rationally according to the real economic cost of travel mode. Of course, as hundreds of millions of people concerned about public service products, prices can not be too capricious. The drop in prices coincided with the excellent step of China’s marriage, but also led to a number of people for the monopoly, and even further price concerns. In my opinion, worried, but need not worry too much. Believe in the power of the market. Network about car market from scratch, but spontaneous formation. Although the leader has customers, vehicles, data and other advantages, but the technology is open, the market has not yet closed. Apart from China, easy to other rivals in hot pursuit, many traditional taxi companies have the transformation of the net, the main competition in the increase. To believe that the IQ of the enterprise. Even if the dominant position, want to pursue high profits, it must not be hastily rose drops. Once more, faster, users will naturally vote with their feet. Order reduction, the first worry is not you and me, but drops. To believe the role of regulation. Ministry of transportation network about the new car clear regulations, about the price of the car to use the market to adjust the price of the government or government guidance price for local governments to regulate the price of space reserved. In contrast, other fears are more necessary. For example, after the platform to occupy a dominant position, will not be able to improve the order of pumping into, so that the network about the driver of the car, the money is also high? As the ride is a reasonable allocation of cost, free or mutual travel way, in which the information matching platform in the end how much money? Expect these concerns can be answered and resolved, so that businesses, drivers, users can benefit from the healthy development of the network about the car. Liu Zhiqiang相关的主题文章: