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Media: Palace handsome led three years have been repeatedly questioned but he has never been disturbed during his Gong Luming have been repeatedly questioned the former pro basketball coach Gong Luming will return to work after Chinese BasketballAdministration led the men’s basketball team in the Olympic Games in Rio head coach Gong Luming said to accept television interview in the near future, he is no longer as China men’s basketball coach. According to Gong Luming statement, he will return the basket tube center work, continue to work in the Department of management team. In the next year will reach retirement age Gong Luming is said that after retirement he is still not far away from basketball, basketball will be engaged in the management work. Three years ago, when he was Minister of sports team of BasketballAdministration center management in the most difficult time for Hong Kong Chinese men’s basketball team took over. According to Gong Luming recalled that when the CBA leader asked him to take over the team, he will take the job down. In addition to the appointment, took over the men’s basketball team is out of China Gong Luming itself as China basketball should play and responsibility. Gong Luming said: "many people describe this as this is a pit. But you can have the role of filling the pit, you can go for the Chinese men’s basketball team to go forward, do a little paving stone role, we also think it is glorious." In the recent years led Gong Luming, there are a lot of controversy and questions associated with the left and right. For example, in the first training camp outside for him with the team on the plateau physical practices do not understand; for example, Gong Luming at the Inchon Asian Games led the result is not good, a number of people worthy of discussion, surrounded by Gong Luming is the voice of doubt again. But from beginning to end, Gong Luming are not affected the external sound and interference. He once said, "the voice of the outside does not interfere with me. It doesn’t matter what other people say, it’s important to do your own thing." It is true, in Gong Luming under the leadership of the young men’s basketball team to return to the top of the Chinese Asian Championships last year. But in the Asian Championships on whether to continue the Gong Luming notch in the Rio Olympics things in a very long period of time in suspense. Because in many important aspects of BasketballAdministration and Gong Luming, such as BasketballAdministration has not been fulfilled the original treatment commitments are not resolved, so China men’s basketball coach candidates have a lot of uncertain factors in time. Finally, the State Sports General Administration in the middle tried to mediate, with a strong sense of responsibility for the Chinese team, once again make the sacrifice in the interests of Gong Luming, he continued to notch in the Rio olympics. Because Chinese basketball overall strength is bad, with group rivals the strong side and other reasons, the "palace army" in the Olympic Games is not winning a match. In the end of the Olympic Games after the end of the Ming Dynasty coach Lu also ended. In summing up the Olympic Games, Gong Luming said: "the Olympic Games, we raised three words: the first is what you see, what you have learned about second, third are you ready to change yourself what. One of the most important questions we can conclude this time is attitude. You don’t have to do any work, the first to be serious, second to positive." Text newspaper reporter Song Xiang相关的主题文章: