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The media attention to the "thousand person plan": the top talent has not yet returned (Figure) – Beijing said: second people plan Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in Suzhou, the contestant Wang Yuqiang in the introduction to his entrepreneurial projects. Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Jun Photo Reference News Network August 29th reported Taiwan media said the mainland in recent years to promote the "thousand person plan", whether can end the brain drain? U.S. media reported that the "thousand person plan" is really exciting, people return to get $1 million 500 thousand in research funding, "in the United States is impossible, because the United States is funding follow the project rather than follow people"; but there is also a theory that thousands of people plan to attract talents while the ratio of soil pH. well, the top still did not return. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" website on August 23rd citing The Associated Press reported that the University of Michigan young biological research scholar Chen Xiaowei, thought in Michigan, the beautiful town of contented lives, but the Peking University generosity to his eyes. Peking University’s commitment to research funding, so that he can study their most interested in the subject, which in the United States simply can not imagine. In 2014 he returned to Beijing with his wife and children. Chen Xiaowei is one of the mainland’s "thousands of people plan" returnees. Today, the number of overseas Chinese students soared, only 2014 to 2015 school year, there are more than about 300000 Chinese students to the United States, one of the most sought after highly educated, experienced serious loss of science and engineering students. A survey shows that in 2006 the United States to obtain a doctorate in science and Engineering in the United States 4121 Chinese students, 85% of them still choose to stay in the United States after graduation for 5 years. Reported that, in order to end the brain drain, in 2008 China launched the thousand people plan". Compared with the education in Chinese local scientific research personnel income, "thousands of people plan to provide salaries several times higher, also provide children education allowance and research start-up funds, one is signing bonuses as high as $150 thousand. So far, thousands of people plan has successfully attracted more than 6000 talented people to return to the country, similar to the provincial and municipal talent introduction plan has mushroomed. Now return to the high-end returnees include: College of life sciences, Purdue University, Peking University vice president of American neuroscientist Li Chen Jane, he set up a "critical thinking" courses at the University, and the reform of college admission mode, replace the lifelong system of college entrance examination scores. Nobel laureate Tu "Bole", the Northwestern University neurobiologist Rao Yi after returning home, worked at Peking University. Princeton University professor of molecular biology and the year already achieve success and win recognition Yigong Shi, is now vice president of Tsinghua University in Beijing. Reported that some people questioned the thousand plan talent is not the best. Research Director David Zweig of Hong Kong University Science & Technology Chinese Transnational Relations Research Center Chinese high-end talent introduction strategy for 25 years, he gave a mail The Associated Press mentioned in: "I think people plan has achieved some success, from overseas to recruit full-time staff generally better than local talent, but the talent has not yet returned to Chinese."相关的主题文章: