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Martyrs memorial service was held in Fujian Province, Fuzhou City,   Quan, Yu Weiguo presented wreaths – Fujian Channel – September 30 Fuzhou Xinhua (Wu Longzhong) September 30th is the memorial day. Morning, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, held a ceremony in Fuzhou Martyrs Memorial Lin mountain martyrs cemetery. Yu Weiguo, Qin Weijiang, Quan, Zhang Changping, Zhang Zhinan, Ni Yuefeng, Lei Chunmei, Wang Ning, Chen Dong, Gao Xiang and other leaders attended the memorial activities. Fujian provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ni Yuefeng presided over the memorial ceremony. The same day, the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC leadership, the leadership of the provincial court, the provincial Procuratorate, on behalf of troops stationed in Fujian Province leaders and soldiers, all democratic parties and personages without party affiliation, on behalf of the people’s organizations, Fuzhou Province, on behalf of the government officers, the army, the old soldiers and young pioneers on behalf of the players and the community to arrive at the scene on behalf of hundreds of people, to pay tribute to the Martyrs Monument, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs. In August 31, 2014, through the tenth session of the Standing Committee of the twelve National People’s Congress voted through, China will be established in September 30th as a martyr memorial day in the form of law. Share to: (commissioning editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) 福建省、福州市举行公祭烈士活动 尤权、于伟国敬献花篮–福建频道–人民网 人民网福州9月30日电(吴隆重)9月30日是烈士纪念日。上午,福建省、福州市在福州文林山烈士陵园举行公祭烈士仪式。尤权、于伟国、秦卫江、张昌平、张志南、倪岳峰、雷春美、王宁、陈冬、高翔等领导参加公祭活动。福建省委常委、省纪委书记、福州市委书记倪岳峰主持公祭仪式。 当天,福建省委、省人大常委会、省政府、省政协领导,省法院、省检察院领导,驻闽部队领导和官兵代表,省各民主党派、工商联、无党派人士代表,各人民团体代表,省、福州市机关干部代表,军烈属、老战士和少先队员代表以及社会各界人士代表数百人到达现场,瞻仰烈士纪念碑,缅怀革命烈士。 2014年8月31日,经十二届全国人大常委会第十次会议表决通过,我国以法律形式将9月30日设立为烈士纪念日。 分享到: (责编:陈蓝燕、张子剑)相关的主题文章: