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Manufacturing enterprises "Joyoung canon": the apple eat soft rice – Beijing, China News Agency, Hangzhou, August 26: manufacturing enterprises "Joyoung canon": the apple eat soft rice "author Fang Kun" from beginning to end, I have just sold a Soybean Milk machine." Wang Xuning, founder and President of Joyoung, has been so self ridicule. The China, a superb collection of beautiful things in the market of small kitchen appliances, only Soybean Milk Chinese machine is invented, and made it into an industry. Under the new normal economic development in China, the traditional manufacturing industry gradually fell into the doldrums, facing the huge bottleneck of transformation and upgrading, many manufacturing enterprises eager to transition, but I do not know where to start. In the manufacturing enterprises of collective confusion, the Joyoung "sell Soybean Milk machine" is still leisurely. The high share of the overall market, the development of Soybean Milk machine is high spirited state, he in the end there is a kind of "Joyoung scriptures? The day before, the reporter walked into Zhejiang is located in the Hangzhou Joyoung Creative Park, vibrant, creative building repeatedly factory, open kitchen in every corner of the creative park, which is said to allow employees to work at any time "delicious", in order to stimulate their products of inspiration. "I am a technical control, originally invented soymilk machine is derived from the fanaticism of technology." Wang Xuning told reporters that the four founders, the three engage in technology origin, Joyoung from the beginning of the birth of innovative genes, not stingy in the investment in research. It is reported that Joyoung each year not less than 3% of sales and investment to support the development of scientific and technological innovation, the research team has more than 700 people, are constantly recruiting". Soybean milk machine, for example, since the establishment of 22 years, has experienced a major technological innovation of the 15. "Most of the early Soybean Milk machine, heating tube is easy to paste live, and later changed to the bottom of the heating now do a side solid heating, our latest generation of Soybean Milk broken machine, has really no residue." As early as 2014, Joyoung first soybean milk machine users have been born, Wang Xuning are proud. In the seventeenth China patent awards, Joyoung and Tencent, GREE and other companies, won the 2015 annual China patent award, this award is analogous to the movies Oscar. As with many manufacturing enterprises in transition, Joyoung thought along with "technological innovation" can I wish you a happy voyage. smooth, however, in recent years the sudden explosion of the "Internet plus" brings great impact to the traditional manufacturing industry how to integration with the Internet? How to upgrade to the 4 edition of China? This allows private entrepreneurs once again into the transition anxiety. Wang Xuning admitted that Johnny millet mode had made him into a deep panic. During that time, the whole Joyoung suffer from the Internet anxiety disorder". The "fear" of the day, Wang Xuning every day in the R & D department, communication with engineers, "finally made me feel at ease, and our new technical reserves". Reporters learned that, in the scientific research organization system, Joyoung set up a three R & D system, which, Joyoung Research Institute of the shares more相关的主题文章: