Man’s family into the whole unit of sewage 700 thousand decoration unfortunately doat

The home of the man into the whole unit of sewage 700 thousand decoration pity Taizhou Lee Jiaojiang said he told us that people doing business in Xinjiang for half a year, but a few days ago, the downstairs neighbors suddenly called home, he Water Leakage, but also leakage to the downstairs tenants home. What the hell is going on? Reporter Wang Ben: "I am now in Lee’s home, this position is his kitchen, we can see that all of the sewage from the water hole in the kitchen filled up from downstairs, up from. You can see these are sewage, there are bubbles, as well as black impurities. The whole room when we just came in when it felt very smelly. Mr. Li’s house, as far as I know, has a practical area of more than and 140 square meters, but now you can see the whole room, including the living room is all soaked in sewage. Long time immersion led to a lot of furniture is a problem, like my side of the door, because the water is already swollen after opening it, shut up. Losses like this are also found in other parts of the house." Lee’s home is located in Jiaojiang District of Hei court he said, this is their home fourth times because of the same root blockage, water intrusion. And because the block of the duct, so every time the sewage intrusion came is the entire unit of sewage. Taizhou City Property Management Services Co., Ltd. staff: "should be the kitchen sewage, the building of a unit, the general manager is to determine the problem, the main pipe plug." Because they found themselves at home, and did not cause too much damage. But this time he was doing business in Xinjiang, sewage is not full of his entire family, has been leaking downstairs was found. Owner Lee: today is the fourth time. Before I was at home, after the discovery, he helped me wipe it on the right, and now I am in Xinjiang, I downstairs to call the owner of the house, said Xiao Li and your home must be leaking." Mr. Li said, before the three sewage intrusion, he has to inform the property, although each property companies will be on-site processing, and dredge pipe, but are palliatives, over a period of time will be blocked. To the third time, Lee repeatedly stressed that the property company must find a solution to the problem. Property owners Lee: "the last time I told him, you best not to the water flooded, you must be careful, I am not at home, if at home, never mind, not flooded in the home, I installed 700 thousand what a pity decoration." The third time, the property company has finally received a sewage pipe outside Mr. Lee to the wall, I hope the next general manager blocked, sewage can be discharged from the new pipeline. But reporters saw the new pipeline high from sewage drain twenty or thirty centimeters, or directly from the lower floor drain sewage intrusion in. This time, the property simply can not solve the problem. Owner Lee: "he said I can not solve your house."相关的主题文章: