Manchester United draw up future transfer targets or break a record for one person (video)-stand by me shinee

For the future United transfer target or a Po Pogba record avatar! Glenn Seidman Simonyi Messi "god horse competitive season" magic show is the main goal of Tencent Gregory Saltzman United sports news September 4th (JACK RATHBORN, ESPN author) although this summer’s European transfer window has been closed, but the transfer never extinguished the smoke. In fact, in England football, players can still through the short-term loan, a free transfer way to join the new team; in addition, the winter transfer deal, never really started in January to negotiate. ESPN will bring you the latest and most comprehensive transfer news. Headlines: United to sign Gregory Saltzman? After this summer, Mourinho took over Manchester United, has changed the mode of operation in the market. In the past few years, Manchester United seem to star players lost their appeal, but after the arrival of the madman, once again become the top stars to join the international football team. Now, Manchester United in the pace of the top players, absolutely will not stop, next summer, Gregory Saltzman is likely to become a red devils prey. According to the latest reports in the British "Daily Mirror", Mourinho is desperate for the study of gliclazide in the summer, after 89 million pounds to get Pogba, Manchester United don’t mind again broke the record player worth. Mourinho is eager to strengthen the defence in the transfer market this summer, the United operation is perfect, but now it seems, Mourinho still longs for reinforcing the defence during the winter transfer. According to the latest reports in the British "Daily Star", a transfer target, a sword fingering the Monaco right back Fabienne O. At present, the main right back is Valencia united, Mourinho hope to the price of 15 million pounds to buy Fabienne O, in order to be able to find a qualified rotation to Ecuador international. The "Daily Star" that tall, vibrant Fabiniao deep love Mourinho, actually in 2013 Real Madrid (data), and the Brazil defender madman has had a brief history of cooperation. Mourinho believes that now Fabienne O has been fully able to play in the highest level of European football team. After Florentino and Zidane split gas for successor refused to join Real Madrid in the final David De Gea, who will become Navas in the Milky Way battleship goalkeeper position successor, has become one of the major concerns of Bernabeu. Real Madrid president Florentino is very optimistic about the Italian giants AC Milan 17 year old young goalkeeper Donna Roumat, the latter is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most talented goalkeeper. But according to the latest reports in Spain "daily sports newspaper", Real Madrid coach Zidane does not want the team to introduce Donna Roumat, because he is more like his 18 year old son Enzo Zidane became the first team goalkeeper. Leicester city to buy grace in the summer before the transfer window closed, en refused to return to the Premiership with 15 million pounds of the invitation, he chose to remain in Seville. It is interesting that, according to the "Daily Star"相关的主题文章: