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Manager: sure warriors new season 73 wins last season to avoid having no crown tragedy – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 23rd, Jinzhou warriors season 73 regular season wins, but missed the championship, by the Cleveland Cavaliers comeback finals 3-1 lead. Bob, manager of the Warriors – said in an interview with reporters, the new season, the warriors will certainly be rotated by. The warriors on the regular season to break the Bulls maintain the previous 72 wins, most major did not get off, especially at the end of the regular season. So, the first round of playoffs Likuli ankle injury to the finals which admit their body is not in Curitiba% health, Craig – Thompson in the finals also show weakness, greatly reduced the level. Kevin – after joining Durant, said the team will be like the Spurs, so that the main force to get a full rest. "The season is as long as the marathon, the last five kilometers the most difficult, from last season, we learned that in the 24, 25 km to supply. Last season we won almost impossible 73 wins, but this season we do not think we can get a winning streak of 24." Mayes in the new season, the integration of the absence of fear of Durant, we may have mistakes and setbacks, may be too much to share the ball, too selfless. Sometimes playing too self, but Cole was soon found in the way he coached won the championship in his first season, so we have the right coach and kneading, this only requires a process." Mayes is very comfortable with Cole’s physical condition. Mayes recently promoted to President of the Braves basketball operations, and part-time general manager of the team. Next season will be Mayes served as general manager of the Braves fifth season, 12 years before Mayes served as general manager of the warriors, in the past four years, he will create a Warrior Champion of the division, 12 years have chosen Drummond – Green and Harris – Barnes, Thompson and Green also after successful negotiations, the 14-15 season hire rookie coach Cole, and in the 14-15 season and 15-16 season for two consecutive years to enter the finals, won two MVP array in Curitiba, and grabbed Durant in the summer. (CHE)相关的主题文章: