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Man to build 88 statues with waste parts (Figure) original title: Kunming man "treasure" scrap parts to build 88 Statues (map) map for the creation of Li Huawen’s 88 buddha. Hu Yuanhang photo studio for Li Huawen. Hu Yuanhang photo Beijing, October 7 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) scrap car parts, damaged hammer, distortion of construction waste…… In many people’s eyes this is perhaps a humble scrap heap, but the 49 year old Kunming man Li Huawen, but they will turn them into art. Li Huawen went into the studio in the southern suburbs of Kunming, like metal Kingdom, is full of scrap metal made of animal sculpture, portrait, flower pots, lamps. One side covered with 88 statues stone is more shocking. These metal parts to create the image of Buddha, or sit cross legged, or side, or you…… Seemingly invisible God, in the rough stone walls shine unique light. Li Huawen said that the 88 statues of Buddha is created with two years of time, the use of gear, nails, wheels and other kinds of waste parts. From the beginning of the simple welding together, to break the shackles of the fusion welding material later, Buddha more and more abstract, it is difficult to distinguish what is the use of spare parts, but more and more vivid. "Mostly clay, stone and wood and other forms to build a statue of Buddha, the composition, the proportion of the more rigorous. The use of scrap iron and steel, like me, can cause controversy." Talking about the creation of the concept of the 88 Buddha, Li Huawen said, "the King Kong Jing," said, ‘no one Buddha, no I phase, no sentient beings’, I would like to use this form to show the Buddha, it should not be too." In addition to the Buddha, Li Huawen also used parts to create a lot of religious, ethnic themes. Such as the performance of labor figures Qundiao Tibetans, Yunnan Zhaotong Bo people sculpture etc.. These pieces of metal parts look cold, hard, but the whole work is full of vitality. "Looking at the original scrap metal parts, after their processing into a fresh, image of the art, is a very meaningful thing." Speaking of "treasure" experience, Li Huawen said, his childhood is the machine control, many years ago in Beijing to see an old man with a broken parts works, try holding the attitude, started their own creation. Who knows is a get out of hand, do fifteen years. "It’s easy to make the metal parts together, but it’s hard to make the seemingly cold metal tender." Li Huawen told reporters that at present there are no shortage of domestic and foreign use of metal materials. I hope I can break the shackles of the material to create a truly valuable art. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: