Man lucky to be thousands of boxes of fireworks piled in two rooms-running man 20130908

Man was lucky to be thousands of boxes of fireworks piled in two rooms thousands of boxes of fireworks, piled up a total of two rooms. Once the explosion occurred, the consequences can be imagined. 13, for the illegal storage of dangerous substances, Man Zhou Xiangzhou was the police administrative detention for 10 days. 12, 3 pm, Xiangzhou District Zhuji police station police patrol, found someone from a three storey private hold out 5 boxes of fireworks. Police immediately stepped forward to look at, but let them be surprised at the scene: two rooms, all of the piles of fireworks, each stock has hundreds of pieces. According to the investigation, this temporary storage warehouse for Zhou all, he operates a supermarket in the town of Chu, do business license, but the police site inventory of fireworks for more than 1100 boxes, far exceeding the number of 120. Zhou said that due to the surge in demand for fireworks at the end of the year, he has gradually entered a lot of goods, although knowing that secretly stored fireworks illegal, but still feel lucky, secretly stored in the first floor of the house of the goods. Because the storage point is located in a residential area, next to the room next to the room, once the fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Police arrange for professionals to the illegal storage of fireworks safety.相关的主题文章: