Man from Jingmen to Shiyan for friends to support the scene was too excited to find drugs-lightscape

The man from Jingmen to Shiyan for a friend up the scene too excited was found in drug Qinchu Reuters (Shiyan Evening News) reporter Li Yin correspondent reported Xuan Yun Gong: friends because of business conflict with people, Jingmen man Yang rushed to Shiyan to keep up appearances, results due to emotional too excited to arouse the attention of the police, the the urine was found in drug administrative detention for 3 days. 13, 8 pm, Yunyang District Bao Xia said police received a public warning, some people rioted in a local Turquoise shop. The police immediately went to the disposal, the understanding of Zhang Jingzhou, 2 days in the shop to buy 50 thousand yuan of turquoise, suspected that the purchase of turquoise are defective, again in 12 to the store clerk and after negotiations, although the quality of turquoise were identified, but the two sides still disagree, because the words are part of conflict. Zhang felt Wohuo, then the night invited friends to help". That night, 8 social workers rushed to Xiangyang from Jingmen, Bao Xia Zhen, Zhang "up the scene". 13 early in the morning, the two sides in the store again occurred verbal conflict. The police organization parties mediation failed, then the relevant personnel to verify the identity of the police station, in order to further investigation, mediation. Because the people involved over excited mood, the police then conducted a urine test for a few people, found a 20 year old man with Yang’s urine test was positive. In the face of the urine test results, Yang confessed drug facts. Yang said he was aware of the dangers of drugs, has been far away from drugs, but in the 10 to participate in a birthday party, because others can not help lobbying the drug, did not expect to be seized by the police in Shiyan. The police quickly carried out the investigation of illegal drugs in view of Yang, Yang Department of the first drug, a minor, the Yunyang District Public Security Bureau award, given Yang 3 days of administrative detention punishment according to law. On the other hand, through the coordination of the police, the two sides agreed the sale of turquoise identification again of turquoise, according to the identification results for further processing.相关的主题文章: