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Man escapes owes a huge debt to avoid paying debts to the housing transfer to relatives – Beijing northeast network October 9th hearing a man because of traffic accident caused huge amounts of debt, creditors fear for the court to enforce their own name in real estate, he handled the housing transfer procedures and their relatives. Even so, he did not keep the property, was sentenced to one year. A brief review of the case to escape after the accident, the fictional housing debt contract one day in 2014, Lee drove Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang injured pedestrians. The injured person, he did not choose the injured to the hospital, but escape. Lee because of escape behavior, was identified as the traffic police department to assume full responsibility for the accident, the injured Ms. Wang, ms.. After Lee fled, Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang had to go to see a doctor, the condition is stable after the identification of the agency, Ms. Wang was seriously injured, ms.. In 2015 December, Saertu District People’s court held a hearing on the case, and ultimately make criminal incidental civil judgment judgment Lee Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang compensation for the loss of a total of about 1500000 yuan, and the judgment of its one year imprisonment. Surprisingly, in 2015 November, is a criminal case before the court for a month, Lee and his family Zhao signed a housing debt agreement, the content as follows: the medical treatment and accident due to Lee Zhao to borrow 240 thousand yuan, and it will be unable to repay all its houses debts to zhao. After the signing of the agreement, the two sides within 3 days of the transfer procedures. The two sides did not actually pay the purchase. The court revoked the housing debt contract Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang know the housing transfer to a later, Li and Zhao malicious transfer of property, refused to fulfill their legal obligations, damage to their legitimate rights and interests on the grounds, in June 2016 to the Saertu District People’s court, requesting the court to revoke Lee and Zhao signed housing contracts of sale. The court found that Lee and Zhao was 240 thousand of the lending relationship, but Lee said the doctor borrowed money, the actual cost is only 40 thousand yuan; for the housing transfer procedures, there is no money exchanges between the two sides; Lee has always lived in the house, so the sale of the way is not reasonable. In addition, the court found a relationship between Lee and zhao. Ultimately, the court revoked Lee signed with Zhao housing debt contract, the fees for accepting the case by Lee bear. If there is a borrowing relationship with third party lawyers say the debtor is the key to the case of housing debt contract can be cancelled by the court to revoke the housing debt contract, Lee did not understand very much, reporters invited hung Heilongjiang Lawyer Wang yoshibumi lawyer carries on the analysis to the case, to relieve Lee doubts. This case is the creditor’s right to revoke the dispute. So, what is the right of revocation? "According to the provisions of the first paragraph of article seventy-fourth of the contract law of People’s Republic of China": "if the obligor renounces its due creditor’s right or the free transfer of property, causing damage to the creditor, the creditor may request the people’s court to revoke the obligor)相关的主题文章: