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The man answered the phone, you were sentenced to 1 years, thought it was a fraud is true – Sohu news in Shenzhen, Dong Wangyong is home to work in Shanxi, Yuncheng. In November 14th, Dong Wangyong’s father gave him a call and told him to come to the local county sheriff’s office to find people, said he was sentenced to a year, suspended for two years, did not report to the specified time". Dong Wangyong at the end of the phone completely overwhelmed, I thought it was a liar"…… But all this is true. On the class was really sentenced to Dong Wangyong in a friend’s company to work, never thought this would happen. In order to verify whether the Bureau of justice in the end there is no staff, Dong Wang Yong asked his classmates to help ask a question, it does have its. Dong Wangyong realized that he was really sentenced. Home judiciary staff will be issued by the Baoan court of Shenzhen, the criminal verdict, the probation criminals informed by WeChat issued to Dong Wangyong. Dong Wangyong found that the name of the verdict, ID card number, the address of the household registration and their completely consistent. There are three defendants in the criminal trial of the light punishment, namely, Wang Moumou, Zhou Moumou and Dong Wangyong. The allegations column wrote, the defendant Wang Moumou two years to three years in prison, sentenced the defendant Dong Wangyong, Zhou Moumou a year to two years in prison. According to the verdict, the defendant pleaded guilty to the facts of the crime and pleaded guilty. Defendant Dong Wangyong, Zhou Moumou has surrendered the extenuating circumstances, three defendants have to actively compensate the victims and obtain their understanding of the discretionary lighter plot. Eventually, Wang Yong guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. Probation criminals informed the book clearly, Dong Wang Yong before October 9, 2016 (the date of the decision within 20 days) to the domicile or residence of the public security organs of the police station or the Bureau of justice’s office of community correction. If the probation criminals have not been reported within the prescribed time, from the supervision of more than three months and other circumstances, confirmed by the public security organs, the circumstances are serious, the court may revoke probation, the implementation of the original judgment penalty. Criminal judgment. From the deadline for reporting on the report, to November 14th, the Bureau of justice to find people, over the past month. Dong Wangyong’s father phoned to say, "the family do not know how, my dad has been urging me to go home". The parties have never lost ID: in addition, the inform three mobile phone book, a "Dong Wang Yong" signed back, a guarantor may call Xie Fei, one of Dong Wangyong’s own mobile phone number. Nandu reporters call the two strange phone, the previous tip number has expired". Notice of probation. Xie Zhufei told reporters in Nandu, she worked in a recreational place, someone was injured in their fight, the person in charge told me to do security, said nothing, so." Xie Fei said he did not know Dong Wang Yong. On the afternoon of November 14th, Dong Wangyong informed the number of the criminals on probation. Have no idea of the Dong Wangyong, Xie Fei from the mouth that is to Shenzhen Longhua district police station of your pine相关的主题文章: