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Software Magento Development India has increased demand with every passing day. Online sales and e.merce are the latest buzz with today’s people where promotions and discounts play a very important role. They attract huge mass of customers and increase sales and clear inventory. Don’t miss out article to have .plete idea for creating these promotional price rules that will be of great help to boost your online sales. Magento customization can cater your specific needs and show the correct picture in front of the customers. In such case one of the many conditions which can be customized is the ability to apply promotional price rules to specified SKUs. Whether it is magento development or magento module development or magento customization customer’s needs differ in each case. Also every time we have noticed that promotions do slightly differ to meet the needs of their business. We have support team having vast experience and thus they assist all your requests on how to best configure shopping cart price rules according to your business needs. Our tips will perfectly suit your unique needs and avoid one of the most .mon sources of problems with shopping cart price rules. You have the full flexibility in magento development India and so you can easily structure different promotions for different products, specific products or categories. Issue or the Problem: The most .mon problem or you can say the issue involved with shopping cart price rule scenario is how to apply a discount only to certain products with the use of SKU as the condition for the shopping cart price rule. So here is an example of what many users do: While the configuration above looks like it should work it doesn’t. Here’s why.  Solution to the issue The above mentioned issue has a solution thankfully and it is quite easy and simple too. The proper condition selection when multiple SKUs could trigger the discount should not be SKU ‘is”. At the time ‘is’ is used for single value selections but when it .es to select multiple values it will definitely not trigger the discount. So your proper decision should be ‘is one of’ and that will surely work. Please see the below image for it. The conditions selection ‘is one of’ for multiple selections will not be applicable for SKU as the condition while creating shopping cart rules but then it will apply to categories selection or any other attribute if the condition includes multiple values. Please see out our Promotional Rules steps for continuing. To apply a promotion to multiple SKUs: Select  相关的主题文章: