MacOS Sierra why not upgrade the official release is not called powder (video)

MacOS Sierra official release is not why not upgrade powder Tencent digital news (Du Jie) after 3 months, macOS Sierra finally came from the Beta version of the official version of the operating system, a mature operation for 15 years, this would mean that the change is not small. But why I can’t upgrade is not called powder, because in this edition you can see collaboration between Apple devices more closely, which is to say, "put your tie more firmly.". MacOS Sierra how to automatically unlock Apple Watch? You can see from this version of the iOS on a very easy to play some of the applications, was moved to the top of the macOS, which is actually a continuation of Apple’s ecology, but also the Apple user stickiness. Siri may be on the iPhone you do not have much chance to use Siri, but macOS Sierra should change the situation, some things can be shot to hand over to Siri. The first is to find some simple functions, such as looking for files, photos of what, this kind of search function in the past time, now you can be said to Siri: "find pictures of yesterday" or "I see at the end of the week to write the manuscript". In addition, Siri also like in the iOS system, help you find movies, read messages, send text messages, phone calls, check the weather and sports events, but the difference is that the search results you can use. Because the Siri window is on the right side (not drag), so you can put the search results to drop mail or presentation (only online search to the picture), also can be directly fixed to the notification Center (only for sports, stocks, weather, etc., and even if you Encyclopedia) to switch to the main screen or other open a new application, Siri is at the top of the window, so the macOS version of Siri has truly become an assistant, a let you move your mouth away from the lazy tool. However, the most handsome Siri or view the local configuration and adjust some simple system settings, for example, you can ask, "how fast my Mac?" Or "how much space is left?" This is simply Hyun configuration nirvana, in addition you can adjust the brightness of the screen, switch WiFi, adjust the volume of what, but encounter complex settings, Siri will ask you what to do next. But unlike the iPhone Siri start and that can be always in the background "standby", you need to click on the Dock icon or menu bar, but I love the most or the combination of Fn+ (the spacebar keys can be customized). Apple Watch unlock as long as the settings, check the "allow Apple Watch unlock Mac" option, then in an instant open Mac computer screen bright, can use Apple Watch to complete the unlock directly into the system, of course, the premise is that the two devices share the same Apple ID. This function is in fact not fresh, with apple to control the ecological chain to do such a function is easy, but I.相关的主题文章: