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The opening of   Macao Mazu Culture Tourism Festival; activities by the Yunnan provincial government and co – Yunnan Channel – original title: Macao Mazu culture tourism festival activities organized by the Yunnan provincial government yesterday, the fourteenth session of the Macao Mazu Culture Tourism Festival opening ceremony and Festival ceremony held in Mazu Mazu culture village of Macao special administrative region. He Houhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, announced the opening ceremony of the event. The event was organized by the Macao Mazu foundation, the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the Liaison Office of the central government in Macao, the overseas Chinese Friendship Association and the Yunnan provincial government. Macao’s chief executive, representative of social culture secretary Tan Junrong, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council cycle, the CPPCC National Committee, Taiwan and overseas Chinese former director Yang Chonghui, the Ministry of foreign affairs in the Macao Office of the Commissioner of the Deputy Commissioner Cai Siping attended the opening ceremony. Liu Huiyan, vice governor of Yunnan Province, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that the Mazu cultural tourism festival in Macao is a great event to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, to unite the Chinese people at home and abroad, and to work for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Yunnan in the "The Belt and Road", the Yangtze River economic belt and other national development strategy and national diplomacy surrounding the opening-up and the unique status and role, as a number of areas including Macao and Yunnan exchanges and cooperation opened up a broader space. I believe that through the platform of Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival, Yunnan and Macao will further consolidate friendship, strengthen exchanges, innovation and cooperation, and join hands to compose a beautiful chapter of the Chinese dream. He invites Macao compatriots to visit Yunnan for sightseeing, vacation and investment. It is understood that Yunnan and Australia are important tourist market and destination. Last year, Macao visited Yunnan with 216 thousand and 400 visitors, and 326 thousand tourists from Yunnan to Macao. According to incomplete statistics, from 1 to August this year, the number of tourists from Macao to Yunnan has reached more than 17 people. At the opening ceremony, the Yunnan provincial song and dance theater performed the folk songs and dances with the main elements of "drum" and "dance" as the main elements. While in Macao, Liu Huiyan also attended the Yunnan province tourism and cultural promotion, called on the Central Government Liaison Office in Macao leader, met with the Macao Yunnan Association will represent social gatherings. (reporter Zhu Hai) (Sheng Yu, Xu Qian wood: commissioning editor) 澳门妈祖文化旅游节开幕 活动由云南省政府协办–云南频道–人民网 原标题:澳门妈祖文化旅游节开幕 活动由云南省政府协办   昨日,第十四届澳门妈祖文化旅游节开幕式暨妈祖祭典仪式在澳门特别行政区妈祖文化村举行。全国政协副主席何厚铧宣布活动开幕。   活动由澳门中华妈祖基金会主办,澳门特别行政区政府、中央政府驻澳门联络办公室、中华海外联谊会和云南省政府协办。   澳门行政长官代表、社会文化司司长谭俊荣,国务院港澳事务办公室副主任周波,全国政协常委、港澳台侨委员会原主任杨崇汇,外交部驻澳门特派员公署副特派员蔡思平出席开幕式。   云南省副省长刘慧晏在开幕式上致词。他表示,澳门妈祖文化旅游节是弘扬中华优秀传统文化、凝聚海内外华人力量、致力于中华民族复兴伟业的一件盛事。云南在“一带一路”、长江经济带等国家发展战略以及国家周边外交和对外开放格局中的独特地位和作用,为包括澳门在内的多个地区与云南交流合作开辟了更为广阔的空间。相信通过妈祖文化旅游节的平台,滇澳两地将进一步巩固友谊、加强交流、创新合作,携手谱写中国梦的美好篇章。他诚邀澳门同胞到云南旅游观光、休闲度假、投资兴业。   据了解,滇澳两地互为重要的旅游客源市场和目的地,去年澳门赴云南游客达21.64万人次,云南赴澳门游客达32.6万人次。据不完全统计,今年1至8月,澳门赴云南游客已达17万余人次。   开幕式上,云南省歌舞剧院表演了以“鼓”和“舞”为主要元素的民族歌舞节目。   在澳门期间,刘慧晏还出席了云南省旅游文化推介会,拜会了中央政府驻澳门联络办公室领导,会见了澳门云南同乡联谊互助会代表。(记者 朱海) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: