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Ma Yun’s ambition, exposed the gap between Alibaba and HUAWEI Cheng Kai Alibaba CEO Ma Yun recently visited the "fortune" magazine office, said a few words. Up Chinese ambition, for example, "although overseas business accounted for only 5% of the Alibaba, but he is expected in 10 years this proportion will reach 40%." And, for example, never see Amazon as a competitor, "our goal is not to become amazon. But to help every company become Amason." Ma Yun is not the Amazon as competitors, that is because in Chinese domestic Taobao plus Tmall is absolutely the electricity supplier boss, Amazon this outsider is not worth mentioning, although Amazon is American business leader, but as with many overseas giants to China market to soil water with. No matter what the reason, but Taobao Amazon, Microsoft’s MSN dry but QQ, not to mention WeChat, Google has not done Baidu, even if it did not do UBER. However, if the things upside down, the few in the domestic market China lord it over others BAT bigwigs, the exercise of civil war, outside the station but also is a layman, so Ma said to arrive from overseas business accounted for only 5% of the Alibaba in 40% to 10 years, this is actually what we lack in ma. He said these words in Ma’s "fortune" magazine in the beginning of this year, the Chinese online published an article called "7 stories to help you understand the situation Chinese", the last one is the fact that said the BAT layman foreign wars, said "Chinese technology giants, but they also not apple, their influence is limited to the domestic, don’t think they will occupy global market." "Fortune" for example, although WeChat has 650 million users in Chinese, but two years ago when the Tencent will try WeChat introduced in the United States after they suffer a big, although Alibaba has 350 million users in Chinese, but it is in the United States to open the website 11 Main but only lasted a year when it sold to others, although Baidu and millet in the Chinese arrogant, but the West and how many people used smart mobile phone Baidu search engine and millet? Interestingly, China actually have an enterprise to break the BAT pattern, it is HUAWEI, HUAWEI mobile phone in China has now overtaken the momentum of millet, but HUAWEI really powerful is definitely not a mobile phone, but its overseas market combat, HUAWEI is really the exercise of civil war, foreign war expert. In 2015, HUAWEI’s revenue reached 395 billion yuan, net profit of 36 billion 900 million yuan, the growth rate of more than 30%, revenue is equivalent to the Internet giant three BAT sum, this is not cruel, the most powerful is HUAWEI more than half of the revenue from overseas, is one of the most international enterprises in China. "Fortune" believes that the success of the BAT by the protection of the domestic market, but in the overseas market innovation and competitiveness are inadequate, while HUAWEI’s performance shows, Chinese enterprises also have international combat, and combat this is playing out. We look forward to the day of Alibaba, overseas business accounted for from 5% to 40%, I hope Ma beyond Ren Zhengfei. Stock market morning,;相关的主题文章: