Luo Huining met with the New Zealand Food Safety Secretary Jo Gudy x3210

Luo Huining met with the New Zealand Food Safety minister Joe Dexiu ancient Shanxi daily news (reporter Shang Huihui) September 14th, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining met in Taiyuan to visit Shanxi in the New Zealand Food Safety minister Joe Dexiu ancient line. New Zealand’s Ambassador Michael attended the meeting. Luo Huining said that the establishment of diplomatic relations 44 years ago, bilateral relations to achieve leapfrog development. Under this background, the economic and trade cooperation between Shanxi and New Zealand continues to expand, both in terms of trade and investment, food safety, cultural exchanges, education and talents cultivation of the broad space for cooperation. China went to New Zealand tourism has become the fastest growing country, but also hope that more friends to come to New Zealand Tourism tourism. Luo Huining talked about the problem of strengthening bilateral cooperation in animal husbandry. He said that New Zealand developed animal husbandry, the New Zealand investment projects in Yingxian County constant natural pasture group operation situation is good, hope to further promote the deep processing of products, give full play to the demonstration effect. He hoped that Shanxi New Zealand enterprises to participate in the construction of Yanmenguan ecological animal husbandry economic region, and said that Shanxi will provide quality services to New Zealand in Shanxi project development, to create a good environment. Luo Huining said, we also support Shanxi enterprises to expand investment in the new, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Joe thanked the provincial government attaches great importance to the ancient moral cultivation of relations between the two sides and to support New Zealand investment projects. She said, New Zealand and China in agricultural cooperation has a long history, the new free trade agreement signed to provide a solid foundation for cooperation between the two sides. Hope that through this visit to enhance mutual understanding of Shanxi, and further consolidate their good relations of cooperation, promote pragmatic cooperation in agriculture, food security, tourism and other fields, to promote bilateral relations to a new level. Provincial leaders Wang Weizhong, Guo Yingguang and the provincial government, the provincial departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.

骆惠宁会见新西兰食品安全部长乔・古德修   山西日报讯(记者 尚慧辉)9月14日,省委书记骆惠宁在太原会见了前来山西访问的新西兰食品安全部长乔・古德修一行。新西兰驻华大使麦康年参加会见。   骆惠宁说,中新建交44年来,两国关系实现跨越式发展。在这个大背景下,山西与新西兰的经贸合作不断扩大,双方在经贸投资、食品安全、文化交流、教育和人才培养等方面的合作空间广阔。中国已成为赴新西兰旅游人数增长最快的国家,也希望更多新西兰朋友前来山西旅游观光。骆惠宁特别谈到加强双方畜牧业合作问题。他说,新西兰畜牧业发达,目前新西兰在应县的投资项目恒天然牧场群运行态势良好,希望进一步推进产品的深加工,充分发挥示范带动效应。他希望新西兰企业参与山西雁门关生态畜牧经济区建设,并表示山西将为新西兰在晋项目发展提供优质服务,创造良好环境。骆惠宁说,我们也支持山西企业扩大在新投资,实现互利共赢。   乔・古德修感谢省委省政府对双方关系的重视和对新西兰投资项目的支持帮助。她说,新西兰和中国在农业领域的合作历史悠久,中新自贸协定的签署为双方合作提供了坚实基础。希望通过此次访问加深对山西的了解,进一步巩固双方良好合作关系,促进农业、食品安全、旅游等领域的务实合作,推动双方关系迈上新台阶。   省领导王伟中、郭迎光以及省政府、省直有关厅局负责同志参加会见。相关的主题文章: