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Lunch review: Bo Liangnengpeihe afternoon market continues to rebound: the Dragon wealth Liangnengpeihe afternoon market continues to rebound in early trading, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened mixed, opened in 3091, opened 0.6, Shen Chengzhi opened in 10860, opened 1 points, auction 3 billion 400 million city two. Early stock index opened slightly higher, then higher volatility, not only the successful line station last year also once stood on the 3100 point mark integer, after weight plate flat, pullback yesterday strong coal plate, which once again shows the current Bankuailundong fast. Closing the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3101 points, up 11 points, plate ecological landscape architecture, engineering machinery, utilities and other sector gainers, coal, wine, fishery plate decreases. Early stock index higher volatility, although the intraday and the plate rose more or less, but there is no obvious led the plate, then the next afternoon whether the market continued to rise, how should we operate, GE Liangnengpeihe think wealth market in the afternoon to continue to rebound. Early stock index higher volatility index is currently running at 3100 points above, although the weight plates did not appear intraday pulled up sharply, but his steady intention is very obvious, the surface of the market is expected to continue to run, but one thing is worthy of attention, that is to change the current contest, slightly less than the amount of energy, which has a direct impact on the market up to the speed of development, we said that only when the breakthrough volume in the early, we can participate in, and on the current situation does not rule out the afternoon due to the amount of energy without resulting in the index fell, after all, this position is more sensitive to shocks is can hardly be avoided. On the afternoon of the overall market, I personally think it is still cautious. Lighthouse sea stocks: not hit 3138 points before the intraday adjustments do not fear the Shanghai Stock Market Forecast: 1, 256 day moving average (3096 points) to temporarily run down trend, with downward force on the top of the stock; on the 15 minute chart of MACD index and KDJ index column shortened red line high Sicha, adjust the risk not shown the corresponding level of release; therefore, that afternoon the market will break 3100 points 6985 downward adjustment, the index will step back to the 256 day moving average, if the market in the afternoon did not step back 3100 points directly on the pull, will appear the phenomenon of xianyanghouyi. 2, the MACD index of red column growth on the 60 minute chart of the Shanghai stock market and two index line upward opening operation, display after adjustment will not be unilateral temporarily continued to fall; 60 minute chart upper Bollinger band (3109) upward traction and its index close to the market in the afternoon; therefore, the stock index fell rest will be again pull up early after high impact. 3 afternoon, the Shanghai stock market stocks to rebound intraday pressure were 3112 points and 3128 points, strong pressure is 3140 points; fall adjusted intraday support are 3089 points, 3073 points, strong support is 3050 points. Suggestions: from the purely technical analysis of the Shanghai stock market on the 60 minute chart of MACD index and KDJ index to a line line MACD resonance mode, display the corresponding level of the rebound and the impulse; break the weekly Bollinger band rail impact index.相关的主题文章: