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"Love wanwansui" launched the "second spring" for Liu Tao Huang Jue – Liu Tao Huang Jue for entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news "second spring" directed by Liu Xin, the famous actor Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen, Wei Wei, Li Jingjing, Yang Miao and other co play city emotional drama "love forever" will be landing Zhejiang TV China blue theater tonight 19:30 exclusive. "National good wife" Liu Tao following the "Ode to joy" again after the return of Zhejiang satellite TV screen, will lead the national people to open the family lineup "chasing love story. But following the "iron" after burning again, Liu Tao two Ye Zuxin will play in the interpretation of a broken heart to let parents "siblings", the concept of expected value of full bursting. Family love story Liu Tao Huang Jue to find a "second spring" "love forever" highly focused two generations of people’s emotional life, family love story, rush to find happiness on the road, and finally found the home is always home. Tells the story of Kim’s "almighty goddess" Jin Na (Liu Tao), "Qiao old" pretty flowers (Kaili Zhang ornaments), "by father Jin Zhiyang (Han Tongsheng)," no reliable 90 "Jin Bo (Ye Zuxin), a family of four people across two generations of emotional story. "Love forever" were about three "style differences" love, played by Liu Tao, "three divorced women" and Jeanna Huang Jue played by the "single father" Wu called, brave pursuit of love for life "second spring" harvest happiness; "golden boy" Ye Zuxin and "baby girl" Pan Chen will play 90 naked marriage gens paranoid capricious, the flash from the flash marriage and the old social detonated topic; a group of two old play bone Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng will play a "staggered the passions everything love comedy", full of humor but true feelings of love of the parents. The wife met the national Mother Liu Tao Kaili Zhang "the young mother" in addition to the three love stories concern, "love forever" can be said in terms of actors brought together with the popularity and strength of the current screen of the "national" lineup. "Jin Na" played by Liu Tao in many film and television drama created a more gentle and sensible "wife" image, but this time the "Ode to joy" again after the return to Zhejiang TV screen, not only once again played the role of "superwomen", is the national good wife "in the end, in the face of a failed marriage brave love, the former queen turned the young playfully" three high female "; and also to" national Mother "image of the people of Kaili Zhang, this time will be following the" naked marriage age "partner again after the National Father Han Tongsheng played husband and wife, the two people staged a wayward divorce, single Kaili Zhang and her daughter Liu Tao. Join the single ranks, has been dubbed" the young mother and daughter". In "brother" into the heart of Ye Zuxin is adorable image will create a new national brother, will bring the idol drama elements in Pan Chen as the pleasantly surprised. In addition, Huang Jue, Wei Wei, and so on, a large number of people and the strength of the joint efforts of the actors to join, but also allow the audience to look forward to full of expectations, but also full of expectations of the audience, but also full of expectations of the audience, but also full of expectations of the audience, but also for the audience to look forward to the full range of expectations. The "old" turn "siblings" tear open Liu Tao Ye Zuxin not make love ".相关的主题文章: