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Love Teeth Day | children’s dental ultra practical "anti-terrorism" Guide – author Yu Yang | Sohu maternal fear of human injury is more serious than the disease. (British philosopher) Joe · Herbert, I guess when my mother was forced to drag her friends to see the dentist must have felt the same. I am a living example. About six or seven years old, a teeth of my bad, my mom took me to the hospital. It was my first time in dentistry. The doctor looked, said rotten to the root, pull it. Then a few adults swarmed, I put the big pull out after molar pressed. In order to protect the brain, they did not even anesthetic. No one thought about the child’s first visit to the dentist, and no one thought of her need to comfort. I freaked out crying hoarse struggle in vain, still struggling in them under my mother a hair. No teeth can make people thirty years of pain, but fear can. From then on, it was a nightmare to see my teeth. Don’t wait until the caries and nerve pain could not stand I would never go to the dentist, resulting in young had a mouth full of porcelain crown. I’ve had a painful lesson. When you grow up and have children, pay special attention to her dental hygiene. Two teeth start from the tall, banana bite glue, finger toothbrush, toothbrush and dental floss in my cartoon turns on stage, every night can wash, probably because my parents colleague uncle aunt brought back from the chocolate and candy too much, the tall two points when the teeth or black trace — cavities. Born without love. Later access to information that is like the tall two teeth appear a few problems of children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics statistics: nearly 10% of the children aged 2 to 1 or even more caries (decay), by the age of 3, the proportion is 28%, by the age of 5, this ratio is close to 50%. To treat or not to treat? This is a question. If in 20 years ago, the vast majority of parents are likely to choose the latter, anyway, teeth will fall, what is the necessary treatment. Rotten can not be retained, you can directly pull out. With the development of modern medicine, people gradually realize that although only a few years of deciduous teeth with children, but later on the permanent growth, children’s facial development and language learning are of great significance. Primary serious problems will not only affect children chew and digest and talk to his voice, affected her appearance and self-confidence, invades the tooth nerve will bring long-term unbearable pain, so should not be laissez faire. In order to keep the Qi repeating my adolescence, I left the shadow of life, and Qi dad decided to take her to the dentist, and a study of many parents from ancient to modern times long unassailable world history from the beginning of painstaking problem: how to take a look at the teeth of a two-year-old baby without making her afraid. This is written on the basis of this "super practical children’s dental" anti-terrorism "instruction manual", if your home Bao Baoyi dentist ", we need strong drag." drag and will buy, so hope our experience can help break your home相关的主题文章: