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Loura clothes photographed Tucao Chen Jianbin is "Chen Basui" – Sohu Sohu Chen Jianbin entertainment entertainment news recently mango Taiwan "the first grade" because Ni Ping in the program of "cosmetic theory", the show in micro-blog on a fire, all users refer to Ni Ping honest and dare to say, even large V will give some of the stars out of the ring, it is to make big things? In addition to the "cosmetic theory", held a few days ago the program group will see the film in the north, in the group of assistant teacher loura Tucao Chen Jianbin is not only the field "Chen Basui", but also a large explosion for their own clothes when being photographed the embarrassing experience. "Sunflower teacher" to help insomnia circle of friends 24 hours to be monitoring Alexander as a 24 hour documentary record of the whole campus, "" in the first grade students and teachers in the dormitory through multiple cameras installed to record all the life. In this human monitoring mode some tension and pressure can hardly be avoided, but did not think the business 7 years of loura will actually be in the room for the camera to "crazy". In the earlier film will, loura not only exposes the first day in the dormitory on insomnia, nightmares, and even made a circle of friends for a coup, only in exchange for the ruthless praise, let loura shouted thin blue letinous edodes. In addition to regular insomnia in the dormitory and nightmares, loura also said they found the show a startling secret. This thought loura will turn off the lights All is well, there is a change in the clothes, suddenly found a ball machine dormitory corner, walked over to her in the dark after the ball machine said: "I change my clothes you can not see?" Actually, the results did not expect the ball machine nodded, let loura face was a capital of the life without love, almost impossible to guard against routine program group guards. With the "emperor" with Chen Jianbin is "Chen Basui tacit Tucao" program is still in the preparatory stage, users for Chen Jianbin and loura this combination will be curious. Although the "love apartment", loura’s "Hu a" character is very brutal and vigorous, but in reality she is gentle and quiet, it can not help but make friends for she could tolerate Chen Jianbin’s "torture" in a cold sweat. But with the broadcast of the show, we see loura’s remarkable performance, even with Chen Jianbin playing with. Afterwards loura said in an interview with Chen Jianbin, but she secretly had a good discussion, they will sing a cop, bad cop, when treating students a clear division of labor, significant effect. While talking about Chen Jianbin, Lou Yi Xiao face is can’t stop smiling, not some feeling of fear. She said to the media: "Chen privately very cute, will teach me a lot of academic knowledge, the so-called Chen should be good teachers and helpful friends to describe such a person." Not only that, loura also took courage Tucao Chen Jianbin is riveting like harsh, but there is a little weird, Chen Basui. The original domineering side leakage "the emperor" was loura described as Chen Basui, Lou teacher think this year’s red maple leaf is not enough.相关的主题文章: