Lottery trend Austria Ping meaning full to have as Welsh-ca1477

Lottery trend: Austria Ping Welsh meaning full to have as 16173 lottery consists of outer Europe, because there are a lot of strength difference between the sessions, making the issue of reducing the difficulty of guessing, suggested using the lottery friends Dantuo betting way, after the bile in nutrition, can greatly increase the bonus color. Bo gallbladder numbers: Austria Ping means the full period, Croatia road Austria has experienced the European Cup after the record worse every day, the group phase accumulates 4 points, ranked fourth in the last three games in the group phase only a small ball away rather than struggling Georgia state average, the reason is that the poor defensive team, midfielder the control force is insufficient, leading to the recent goal number is high, the ability to score co.. In the recent trend of Ireland, their odds is very strong, the first three games unbeaten before the group phase, confidence in the away draw with Seville good strength, full of confidence, mainly by the injection area of the game. The odds, William looks at 1.95-3.2-3.8, while maintaining moderate level compensation at the same time, the outcome of both sides were added, luring effect, flat was so optimistic about the game the two teams shake hands, Dan Bo draw. Iceland continued excellent performance in the European Cup, tactical defensive back, making the opponent miserable, they have good defense, and efficient Counterattack Tactics, the overall strength increased in popularity also increased year by year. The home team Croatia in the strength of the dominant, play group phase but also good, have a certain confidence index. The game disc from the Lord of the 3 ball water dish, to present the main let a ball half water, on the plate pressure significantly, deliberately reduced in the footwall in view of this, Iceland is taking away points is not easy, but small Bo found large, moderately can prevent flat. Other number: Italy high-profile win, to send the boy as Welsh Lichtenstein because of its weak strength, large and other European countries the gap between the level of football, so a little upset win, the Italy has taken a strong desire, believe they would not miss an opportunity to get the right result can be integral. Led by Baer Welsh in 532 main formation as the main play, although a lot of effort on defense, but also limits the ability to control the midfield and attack due to the lack of midfield ball, offensive ability of natural decline should not be overestimated. The campaign against English attack and defense of Seville, they attack the problem of weak will become more prominent, with the right end trader thought the odds, valued the visiting team unbeaten at least in Seville.

足彩大势:奥地利平意十足 威尔士难有作为   16173期足彩由世外欧洲赛组成,由于有不少实力相差悬殊的场次,使得本期竞猜的难度降低,建议彩民朋友使用定胆拖选的方式投注,定胆以后再进行博取,可大大的增加奖金成色。   博胆场次:奥地利平意十足,克罗地亚正路可期   奥地利经历过欧洲杯以后,战绩每况日下,目前小组赛积4分,排名第4,最近的三场小组赛仅在客场一球小胜于弱旅格鲁吉亚,状态平平,究其原因在于球队防守不善,中场控制力不足,导致最近失球数高居不下,得分能力有限。反观客队爱尔兰,他们近期的盘路走势十分强劲,前三场小组赛保持不败,之前还在在客场逼平了实力不俗的塞维利亚,信心十足,为本场比赛的主要受注信心区。赔率方面,威廉初开1.95-3.2-3.8的赔率组合,在维持平赔中庸的同时,胜负两边均进行了加量处理,利诱效果明显,分平成立,如此看好本场比赛两队握手言和,单博平局。   冰岛延续了在欧洲杯的出色表现,防守反击的技战术打法,使得对手苦不堪言,他们有滴水不漏的后防线,以及高效反击的技战术配合,整体实力大增,人气也在逐年上升。主队克罗地亚在实力上占优,小组赛也有不俗的发挥,具备一定的信心指数。本场比赛亚盘从初盘的主让一球中水盘,变为现时的主让一球 球半高水,对于上盘打压力度明显,刻意降低了下盘难度,如此看来,冰岛客场取分不易,小单可博主胜,大单适度防平即可。   其他场次:意大利高调胜出,威尔士难有作为   送分童子列支敦士登因其实力孱弱,与欧洲其他国家的足球水平差距较大,所以很少爆冷赢盘,客队意大利又有很强的取分欲望,相信他们绝对不会放过此次获得积分的良机,正路赛果可期。   由贝尔领衔的威尔士主要以532的阵型为主要打法,虽然在防守上做足了功夫,但也限制住了中场的掌控能力,锋线由于得不到中场的传接球,进攻能力自然下降,不宜过分高估。此役对阵攻防俱佳的塞维利亚,他们进攻乏力的问题将会更加凸显,结合赔率端右旋的操盘思路,看好客队塞维利亚至少不败。相关的主题文章: