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Lottery funds nearly 80 billion you are also willing to buy lottery tickets? Sohu finance to spend two dollars to buy a lottery ticket, you will be rich overnight. This lottery ticket center weaving beautiful fairy tale, now more and more convincing. According to the Ministry of finance data: in the first three quarters of this year, the national lottery sales of $289 billion 738 million, an increase of 17 billion 839 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%. This growth rate compared with a few years ago, the popular scene of lottery sales, has been extremely deserted. Some places illegal use of lottery lottery funds, so many broken hearts. According to data disclosed by the Audit Commission at the end of 2015: the rectification and rectification of the relevant issues related to the issue of funds close to 80 billion, the presence of a number of areas of abuse of lottery funds. The proportion of lottery decreased year by year 35% of the red line is the original intention of the original face national lottery is to promote the development of public welfare. According to the State Council issued in 2001 lottery management regulations: lottery funds constitute a proportion of the proportion of the award shall not be less than 50%, the proportion of the issue fee shall not be higher than 15%, the proportion of lottery public welfare shall not be less than 35%. Not to buy lottery prize is invested, this approach has been the most lottery support. Treasury data show that from 2007 to 2014, China’s lottery sales increased from 101 billion 673 million yuan to $382 billion 378 million, an average annual growth rate of 39.44%. But the comparison has been publicly available data: the proportion of lottery public welfare in China over the years has not reached 35% of the standard line. According to data released by the Ministry of finance calculation: 2007 lottery public funds accounted for the highest in recent years, up to 33.71%, still less than 35%, since then is declining year by year. 2015 lottery 99 billion 539 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of lottery sales is only about $27%. The policy of the red line was 35% pops face, the chest and the proportion decreased year by year, too much to handle? According to public reports: in October last year, the Ministry of finance will be reduced to 20% of the proportion of lottery public welfare standards. After reducing the score, and finally reached the standard. Problem 80 billion: lottery funds levy, bonuses, travel abroad but even so many tricks misappropriation, the lottery is not all for the public". December 22, 2015, a report released by the National Audit Office, the problem of China’s lottery funds abuse exposed. The report shows that as of the end of October 2015, the relevant departments and units and local rectification lottery problem amounts to 79 billion 473 million yuan (99.4%). Simple estimates, the rectification and rectification of the problem has not been close to 80 billion yuan. As early as six months before the report, another report from the National Audit Office has revealed many of the problems of lottery funds. November 2014, the National Audit Office for 18 provinces lottery funds for special audit. Published in June 2015 audit announcement, spot checks found false taking, misappropriation and the amount of 16 billion 932 million yuan (accounting for 26% of the amount of funds checks, checks) is the capital?相关的主题文章: