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Looking for China car, driving for "100 city civilization for China car, driving civilization hundred city line second station Chengdu line   October 20th, Chinese car main activities of the second station, came to the land of abundance – Sichuan Chengdu. Although the activities of the day drizzle, but also can not stop the enthusiasm of Sichuan good owners. This finding Chinese car, driving civilization city "activities by the fast and mobile Internet game success jointly initiated and hosted by the Chengdu God more space activities is highly concerned by people from all walks of life, guests Guanglian Saixun CEO Zhao Zhan, general manager of mobile Internet Su Gang, the more god space general manager Jiang Weifu, a small mirror the general manager left odd, High German map director Yang Fuqiang, China master project car head the industry elite to come to the scene, is a star, hundreds of agents and media friends witnessed the" China car master plan "in Sichuan to start the important moment. God is the space general manager Jiang Weifu Jiang Weifu announced "on the Chinese car master plan" launched in Sichuan, the more god space will be dedicated to the owners of good program in Sichuan promotion, let civilized driving become good habits of each owner of the Sichuan. He also announced at the meeting the God of space brand positioning: do the best quality brand service providers, not only committed to the cause of public transport, but also the best quality cloud mirror products recommended to each owner. Mobile Internet general manager Su Gang speech to Sugang hundreds of cars from the Internet all Sichuan official announced that they will network data service operators combined with Saixun Guanglian car, launched the "China car master plan, cloud mirror products will be equipped with the latest didi tiger app version 3, and in Sichuan to start looking for the main China car, driving civilization 100 city" activities. The match CEO Zhao Zhan Zhao Zhan speech reviews the traditional marketing mode of market in the car after the dilemma in his speech, and the prospect of a new marketing model under the cloud Jingxin blue ocean, big data will become the future car networking marketing brain, make marketing more accurate, more scientific and more efficient, fast and wide League will be based on the big data and mobile Internet technology, give full play to the big data marketing advantages, continue to lead the Jingxin blue cloud. The main match car project manager for the simple text said, "Chinese car" plan for nearly half of the time, to advocate all traffic participants to participate actively in the creation of civilized traffic, appealed to the majority of owners in everyday driving civilized driving, courteous driving, wide League co launched the "China main car mobile Internet" plan, encourage civilized travel, to drive the bad habits. Activities held in October 2016 to find the China car owners, civilized driving city "as the theme of large-scale public traffic safety activities, the first station in Urumqi, the second station in Chengdu, another tour will start in Xi’an, Ji’nan, Guiyang, Shijiazhuang and other 100 City, looking for good and for owners. In recent years, intelligent rearview mirror the explosive growth, its product structure has become more and more mature, high precision maps, track departure warning, ADAS (auxiliary driving) to solve the user pain points function has also been more and more popular with consumers. However, intelligent rearview mirror at more than 2 thousand prices for many consumers, leads to good products good market difficulties.相关的主题文章: