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Longgang Porsche center became the 2016 Longgang half marathon in Shenzhen. In August 30, 2016, Jebsen motors (Jebsen Motors) center in Shenzhen’s Longgang Porsche announced that the 2016 Shenzhen half marathon in Longgang official car exclusive sponsor, will fully support the 2016 Longgang half marathon. This event sponsored by the people’s Government of Longgang District, Longgang District Tourism Bureau and music as sports contractors, 2016 Shenzhen Longgang half marathon in September 1 to accept the application. As the only official sponsors and sponsors the first car brand in this year’s tournament, Shenzhen Longgang Porsche center will provide the track lead car, car, car and other security escort vehicles only official events and display on the site for the event, Porsche all models will be full debut, for the event to escort and motionality color, including a new mid four cylinder engine Boxster, the legendary sports car, the new four door coupe Panamera GT, the top luxury SUV models Cayenne, SUV, Macan and other pioneer. Founded in November 2015, is located near the Longgang Universiade center, located in Longgang street Shenzhen Longgang Porsche center will serve as the official site, contestants become the designated place for equipment before the package. Shenzhen Longgang Porsche center is home to the second Porsche center Jebsen motors located in Shenzhen, covers an area of 20736 square meters, is the largest Porsche Porsche center in Southern China area. In addition to match the car outside, Futian Porsche center in Shenzhen’s Shenzhen Longgang Jebsen motors and Porsche center will also build a Czech into exclusive teams (Team, Jebsen) invites Porsche owners and their relatives, and Porsche employees participate together, together out of health and LOHAS life attitude. 2016 Shenzhen Longgang half marathon half marathon in addition to the main project, this year will be retained in the mini marathon at the same time, the new 10KM project, which will give the marathon runners more advanced options. 2016 Shenzhen Longgang half marathon in October 29th in Longgang district government to start running shots. "Virgin track" + "the most difficult and the most beautiful track" the entire track 2016 Longgang half marathon, the track line set will run the human landscape and beautiful Longgang area in front of the natural panoramic view of the scenery, and this "mountain ring of water embellish, Le run Longgang" theme perfect fit, and will attract more professional and high level marathon runners compete, enhance competition professional competitive level. "Music half horse" (happy + Music) as the Shenzhen half marathon in Longgang another bright spot, from the beginning of last fall has created a new form of sports competition, the unique, fashion, entertainment fusion at a time and space, will enhance the full range of runners and the sense experience. "This year, Longgang Porsche center in Shenzhen’s Shenzhen Jebsen motors sponsored 2016 Longgang half marathon race, become the official sponsor and the only designated official race car, the car can culture and mastery of the spirit of the marathon, we feel honored." Porsche center Longgang Shenzhen 9相关的主题文章: