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UnionPay cards overseas trading limit of $5000 at Hongkong insurance in February 2nd, Chinese International Union released the latest guidelines, from February 4th onwards, China UnionPay cards overseas credit card transaction limit for each transaction is $5000, the guidelines will be implemented on all insurance institutions and other businesses in Hongkong. Chinese union responded, move more to hit parts of overseas insurance companies violations set code behavior, other personal consumer spending to support tourism businesses are not affected. According to the Hongkong insurance regulatory department data released in December 2015, mainland visitors in the first three quarters of 2015 new premiums amounted to approximately HK $21 billion 100 million, Hongkong accounted for 21.7% of total premium new personal business. In the "Securities Daily" reported earlier "new ways of investment to buy the Hongkong dollar insurance as the rich buy package as simple" (January 21, 2016 B2) had pointed out that the Hongkong area insurance is currently the most attractive place has three main aspects: long term life insurance, critical illness insurance and other insurance, the same insured situation 30%, low premium Hongkong; coverage of a wider coverage of the whole world to accept claims; available dollars, Renminbi accounts in mainland UnionPay card brush, buy a large amount of financial risk even, can avoid the mainland up to $50 thousand per person per year in exchange swap limit. However, insiders pointed out that the purchase of insurance in Hongkong may involve asset transfer. In this regard, the International Union said that UnionPay has been strictly in accordance with the regulatory authorities for business classification management requirements to carry out business. The International Union will through business monitoring, data analysis, strengthen business management and continuously improve the business rules, to ensure that the regulatory effect of the implementation of the policy and business law compliance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

银联卡境外交易限额5000美元 剑指香港保险   2月2日,中国银联国际发布最新指引,要求从2月4日起,银联卡境外刷卡交易额度限制为每次交易最高5000美元,该指引将于香港各保险机构及其他商户实施。中国银联回应,此举更多指向打击部分境外保险公司违规“套码”的行为,其他支持个人旅游消费类支出的商户均不受影响。   根据香港保监处2015年12月发布的数据,内地访客在2015年前三季度新增保费总额约为211亿港元,占到香港个人业务新增总保费的21.7%。   而在《证券日报》此前的报道《富人投资新途径 买香港美元保险像买包一样简单》(2016年1月21日B2版)中就曾指出,香港地区保险目前最吸引人的地方主要有三方面:长期终身寿险、重大疾病险等保障型保险,同样保额的情况下,香港保费低30%左右;赔付范围覆盖更广,全世界受理理赔;可用美元计价,刷内地银联卡的人民币账户,购买大额理财投连险等,可以规避内地每人每年换汇最高5万美金的换汇限制。   不过,也有业内人士指出,在香港购买保险有可能涉及资产转移。对此,银联国际方面表示,银联一直严格按照监管部门对商户进行分类管理的要求开展业务。银联国际将通过商户监测、数据分析等方式,强化业务管理,持续完善业务规则,确保对监管政策的执行效果和业务依法合规。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: