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Liu Zhenfa suggested that circle of friends leave the excellent step Chinese official response: has left Uber Chinese senior vice president Liu Zhen Phoenix Technology News September 30th news, today yuho senior vice president Liu Zhen China released internal letter to employees Chinese excellent step in the circle of friends, entitled "to all my cares and concerns of my people, the that she will leave yuho China. Phoenix technology then to yuho Chinese confirmed the excellent step said Liu Zhen had indeed left Zhen Liu said: "the preconditioned proved if the improve the co experience in UBER CHINA in a furnace, the name brand in the new territory, we will continue the journey." She also was described China and drops with excellent step at the scene, "in my lawyer, actually did a lot of project financing, mergers and acquisitions, I also witnessed the board of directors on the founder of off scene, rapid trading, more than a week that this time, I have to tell myself, in a lawyer’s" MODE ". But to see the plane just Travis face gaunt, told me, we are BUILDER, he is a member of the board of directors. When I told him that he is not just a director, like me, not incompetent in the process as a ‘outside counsel’." In August 1st, every trip announced a strategic agreement with global Uber, global Uber will hold 5.89% stake drops, the equivalent of 17.7% of the economic rights and interests, and the other step China Chinese shareholders will receive a total of 2.3% of the economic rights and interests. Cheng Wei, founder and chairman of the trip will join the Uber global board of directors. Uber founder Travis · Kalanick (Travis) will also be added to the trip board. In August 12th last year, Liu Zhen formally to Uber China strategy responsible person appearance. In the Uber, Liu Zhen is responsible for project financing and mergers of high-tech enterprises in a Silicon Valley firm, and Uber is one of the firm’s customers. Although Liu Zhen is not the direct docking Uber, but coincidence with the founder of Uber Travis Kalanick Travis Kalanick, she accepted the invitation soon, came to Uber Chinese area. In June of this year, the promotion was a senior vice president of China, also the name of China’s top leaders. After the merger, Travis Kalanick to China employees in a letter of thanks, she came in after the general manager of the three major areas; Uber has been unable to find a suitable Chinese area CEO, Travis Kalanick did not account for Liu Zhen office. Excellent step in Chinese work this year, Liu Zhen outstanding achievement, Uber officials said the merger has covered 70 Chinese city. China IT Research Center (CNIT-Research) released the "2016 Q1 China Car Market Research Report" shows that the advantages of step with 7.8% market share ranked second. The following is Liu Zhen circle of friends to care for me and all the attention to me, I was 2015相关的主题文章: