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Liu Xiang suspected his ex-wife and the current fighting response: back to the dark sun –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on November 1st, before the men’s 110 meter hurdles champion Liu Xiang, through to his girlfriend Wu Sha expressed support for micro-blog. The two days of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife Ge day and Sally on the Internet tear each other, causing some bad effects. Liu Xiang picked Wu Sha as athletes, high light moment won the 2009 National Games champion video background, and write said: "tomorrow the sun will still rise back to the dark, embrace the sun. Peace and joy to all good people!" GeTian and Liu Xiang met a friend in the party between October 2009, May 2014 September 2014 two people love, Ge day and Liu Xiang receive a marriage certificate in Shanghai married Liu Xiang in June 2015 on the social networking platform and Ge day accept divorce. In January 2016, Liu Xiang on the social networking platform drying out a two hand a pull hook picture, and announced that Wu Sha affair. GeTian of himself abandoned so hard, October 31st GeTian caused onlookers in a social media comment screenshot screenshot, netizen innuendo Wu Sha: lost to the bus, the bus is normal, love, and you are not a road, leaving a clean!" Then, Ge day reply: it seems that the insider!". Wu Sha responded to her rare for the first time, micro-blog said: "again and again three innuendo boring! I’m here today to say! I did the whole volume, Wu Sha not smoked fat, not being nurturing, no man, no, not deliberately plan Pianhun, trying to get money, even if the day I unhappy marriage, nor to my ex husband said you told me to remarry me double back to you this shit! Above all, I will not do in the past, the future will not, who do who understand." Early this morning, Ge day sent a long text back, is not afraid of things too much. Wu Sha is a former pole vaulter, her most brilliant record in 2009 won the national games. At that time, Wu Sha and Shaanxi Li Caixia competition gold medal, when two people in the 50 challenge 4 meters failed, the referee to several times before the cross comparison of the two level, but found two people before the completion of the game result was exactly the same, no winner. In desperation, the referee had to use to reduce the height of the way to let two people again. The bar down to 4 meters 35, Wu Shacai finally won the Li Caixia winner. After the rod of the Wu was excited to tears, Liu Xiang is also the moment was attracted to the. In Liu Xiang’s response, support for Liu Xiang and the majority of users of the, some people say: funny? Ge day’s play will not be too much? Marriage is from you nothing good. Don’t know how she came, ran out." There are fans of Liu Xiang, said: love you, but playing a professional actor, there are people behind the team, to work without a work, thanks to the popularity of your fried, and then go through the routine is selling miserable, Xiang brother take care." (Red)相关的主题文章: