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Liu Shiwen: not too repressed memories of Olympic Games the Meng Liu Shiwen was losing team gold sina sports in Yokohama in 2009, for the first time in the world table tennis championships men’s singles Liu Shiwen lost to Zhang Yining, but the young she won everyone’s approval; in 2011 in Rotterdam, Yu Ding Ning again negative semi-final, Liu Shiwen gained more experience in London in 2012; although not selected for the final squad, but as P card players feel the Olympic atmosphere, Liu Shiwen put the target set at four years after the Rio 2013; Paris, in the face of Li Xiaoxia very influential in the final breakthrough semi-final circle Liu Shiwen glorious defeat; from 2015 through the first selection of finalists in singles from the moment Liu Shiwen put the target in the women’s singles champion, but eventually cut down, tears in Suzhou; Rio in 2016, qualifying Match the accident loss, unfortunately unsuccessful singles lineup, only won the team tournament to qualify. Famous young Liu Shiwen always makes people feel her occupation career will be smooth, like predecessors very quickly to get the world champion, to participate in the Olympic games. But looking back at the past, from the 09 years since his debut, Liu Shiwen has experienced many Kaner, 2010 Moscow, 2013 Paris, 2015 Suzhou, each section of Liu Shiwen is reluctant to mention the past. Even defeat every enough to put down her, even in the night and countless tears as partners, but in the heart of the Olympic dream, Liu Shiwen has never given up. Qualifying defeat accident, "the whole people are ignorant of the Rio Olympic Asian qualifying draw is the day for the birthday of Liu Shiwen," was nothing important than the Rio Olympics "Liu Shiwen, birthday wish naturally want to participate in the Rioo games, won the championship for the China team". But I did not expect second days, Liu Shiwen in the first game in the game than the 4 lost to the end of the tournament, the end of their own qualifiers in the world of the game in the first game of the match, the end of the first qualifying match in the first game of 2. After the defeat, Liu Shiwen "disappeared", 11 in the evening she came back to the table tennis resident, the first thing is to come up with their own back after losing the video to coach, provide data for the next game opponent team. From Hongkong back to Beijing, Liu Shiwen pushed the box in the end of the team, the fans saw her immediately surrounded by the past, the face is very cautious look. "I am now the whole person is ignorant." Liu Shiwen said, as saying that the flight delays caused by all the way tired, but also like the game has just been said. "Tomorrow can be a day off, the day after tomorrow to the team summary." Asked about the trip, Liu Shiwen answered in detail, fans photo and signature, she also patiently completed. A small figure on the national team’s bus, the fans still did not go, they looked at their idol, in the hearts of her refueling. For that dream as a birthday wish to say, Liu Shiwen not only in the fall after reluctantly climbed up, but also forced himself up faster, because the dream of Olympic Games et al, et al., so Liu Shiwen challenges everything, even with the character of her own bone son. "An athlete is the one who has to overcome what he fears most相关的主题文章: